Past Glasgow Event: VOL 27

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VOL 27

April 12, 2016
@ The Whisky Bond

Glasgow International is a festival known for its multitude of venues and diversity of artistic practices within them. Throughout the 2016 festival, you can see a number of ambitious solo and group exhibitions from established and emerging artists as well as performances and events. It is a place to discover art and to view important works from around the world.

For this special event, Glasgow International will curate a unique PechaKucha night at The Whisky Bond, an evening given over to artists from across this year’s programme, to introduce and discuss their work. The venues, organisations and artists in Glasgow International are all fundamentally shaped by the character of the city in which they are based, and this event allows us the opportunity to hear directly from these artists about their practice, their influences, their motivations, and what it’s like to make work in this city.

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DeviantArt – online art gallery and community

@ VOL 27 ON APR 12, 2016

Marco Giordano (b. 1988 in Turin, Italy) lives and works in Glasgow. In this presentation he speaks about deviantART, an online community for amateur artists. It is one of the biggest social networks at the moment, dealing with fine art in various categories like painting, drawing, photography and filmmaking.


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@ VOL 27 ON APR 12, 2016

Patrick Cole (b. 1986 in London, UK).
Working in the mediums of sculpture and performance, Cole’s work shifts between the Bardic tradition and the actions of a contemporary prop comic. Historically a Bard worked as a storyteller, seeking to create catharsis for the general public. The Bards’ stories would satirise the lives of his audience and act as a social cleanser. A prop comic uses props and staging to enhance the performance, using these tools to connect with and provoke a reaction from the audience. Cole’s work has these ideas at its core.


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The Vegetable Store

@ VOL 27 ON APR 12, 2016

Erica Eyres lives and works in Glasgow.
Eyres graduated with a MFA from Glasgow School of Art in 2004. She has had solo exhibitions at CCA, Glasgow and the Kunsthaus, Erfurt, with selected group exhibitions including PS1, New York; Plug In ICA, Winnipeg; and The Akureyri Art Museum, Akureyri, Iceland. 

In this presentation Erica speaks about her project The Vegetable Store at Fireworks Studio, a pottery shop that was turned into a ceramic fruit and vegetable store.

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Display Mechanisms

@ VOL 27 ON APR 12, 2016

Sam Venables talks about Liverpool, shopping centres and how her role as a visual merchendiser influenced her practise as an artist. Venables lives and works in Glasgow. Her interests include but not limited to: Display mechanisms, Methods of presentation and Signwriting.

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Spatial and Social Politics

@ VOL 27 ON APR 12, 2016

Ric Warren shares on the geometric abstraction and the images that influence his aesthetic and current studio work. In a shift from architectural references, his studio work is currently experimenting with the motifs of casual sportswear as social and territorial signifier.

With a central focus on spatial and social politics, Ric Warren’s artworks are predominantly sculptural and sculptural installation. His work considers how our manmade surroundings have symbolic meaning beyond their basic functions and is influenced by the materials, forms and experiences of his urban surroundings, distilled through minimalist artistic sensibilities.

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Here, Just Now

@ VOL 27 ON APR 12, 2016

Deuce Deuce is a nomadic curatorial collaboration between Elizabeth Murphy and Amy Jones, occupying retail and exhibition formats to explore the cross-over between art, apparel and the absorption of sub-culture into the mainstream. 

Deuce Deuce is keen to support emerging practise, often working with recent graduates giving them their first commissioning opportunity. For HERE we have merged this ethos to include more established practises, giving these artists a space to explore an alternate aspect to there making. Having a print basis in the practise is not a pre-requisite for us when approaching practitioners, we know this project is unusual so we work closely with the selected artists to adapt and develop ideas for production.

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The Clinic

@ VOL 27 ON APR 12, 2016

Beth Shapeero and Alys Owen talk about their common show The Clinic, a multi-sensory and interactive exhibition exploring pseudo-sciences and the diverse ideas that surround them.

Beth Shapeero (b. 1985 in Nottingham, England) works in expanded painting and engagement. She was one of the founding members of Backlit Gallery and Studios, Nottingham, England, following her BA (Hons) at Nottingham Trent University, England.  Relocating to Glasgow, Scotland in 2011 she took part in the inaugural year of the Mlitt Fine Art Practice at Glasgow School of Art, Scotland. 

Alys Owen (b. 1981 in Pwllheli, Wales) gained her MLitt in Fine Art Practice Sculpture from the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland in 2012. She has exhibited in the UK and internationally including Spain, Cyprus, Croatia and Serbia.

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The Rookery

@ VOL 27 ON APR 12, 2016

Gordon Douglas is a performer, collaborator and curator living and working in Glasgow. He graduated from the Environmental Art department at Glasgow School of Art in 2013, and served on the Transmission committee from 2013-15. He is invested in developing social models of co-inhabitance, friendship and organisation by instigating working dynamics with various practitioners. Research partners have included artists, educators, fanfiction writers, jewellers, journalists, musicians, philosophers, and programmers amongst others.

This is a performance by Gordon Douglas and his friend Goose, a hand puppet.


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Artist and Filmmaker Don Levy

@ VOL 27 ON APR 12, 2016

Alexander Storey Gordon is a curator, artist and writer currently based in Fife and Glasgow. Sitting productively between these roles Storey Gordon curates and makes film, text, performances and events that focus on how the relationship between our bodies, our built environment, and others is mediated through contemporary art, film and literature. In his curatorial, art and written work this is achieved through a rigorous experimentation with the structures, codes, and conventions that govern and channel our reading of experience, time and event.

For GI Pecha Kucha, Storey Gordon will give a presentation on the artist and filmmaker Don Levy and the exhibition Don Levy: Time Regained, presented by Storey Gordon at SWG3 as part of GI 2016. Touching on wider themes of time, edit and the problem of the archive, the presentation will collage together different materials from exhibition research.

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Deuce Deuce
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