Past El Paso Event: VOL 13

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The El Paso Transnational Trolley Project

@ VOL 13 ON JUN 23, 2016

"These were vehicles of economic mobility."

In The El Paso Transnational Trolley Project from PechaKucha Night El Paso Vol. 13, Peter Svarzbien shares his project to get El Paso's trolleys running again as they did in their heyday. Svarzbien is a photographer, artist and now city Councilman of El Paso. He once imagined the historic streetcars returning to the streets of El Paso again with his MFA masters thesis "The El Paso Transnational Trolley Project." Several years later, this project no longer resides only in our imaginations as the first tracks are now being laid in the streets of El Paso for the new streetcar line. With El Paso's first streetcar line in many years now under construction Peter is not content to stop here, but is now gathering political support to push for the restoration of trolley service over the international bridge - reconnecting Juarez and El Paso's fabled international streetcar service. Peter's presentation inspires us to consider how art can operate on a grand city scale to improve our quality of life. 

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Wednesday, July 20th, 2016. 

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Makers and MakerFaire

@ VOL 13 ON JUN 23, 2016

Cathy Chen and Gustavo Arriga discuss the maker movement, how they got involved in it during their time living in Tokyo and what led them to bring this passion back to El Paso with the creation of El Paso's first FabLab. They describe the benefits of MakerFaire and enlist the support of the PechaKucha crowd in bringing a Mini-MakerFaire to our city.

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Paleta Power: La Popsicle de la Gente

@ VOL 13 ON JUN 23, 2016

Paleta Power ties into the universal language of paletas in the borderland to teach the importance of civic participation and increase voter turnout throughout El Paso.  Amanda Formica and Ruben Chang share their passion for community organizing through a sweet connection that everyone finds easy to share an opinion on - the popsicle.  Paleta Power is a collaborative, non-partisan, non-profit initiative that seeks to spark civic dialogue, positively influence community narrative, increase voter turnout and build community power all through paletas.  I don't know about you, but my favorite is Fresca (Strawberry)!

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Happiness is Invisible, But it is Everywhere

@ VOL 13 ON JUN 23, 2016

Daniel Rios shares his images of three people in three different corners of El Paso who are giving little snippets of happiness to whomever is fortunate enough to notice them.

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Freeing Your Mind Through Freestyle

@ VOL 13 ON JUN 23, 2016

“I am the artist, the skateboard is my stencil and the world is my sketchbook.” 

In Freeing Your Mind Through Freestyle from PechaKucha Night El Paso Vol.13, Jacob Whitt, a 23-year-old professional freestyle skateboarder shared his passion for the art of freestyle skateboarding. Skateboarders know the feeling of freedom when they finally begin the trick, the trick that makes our world no longer run in seconds, but in milliseconds. In that moment when nothing else matters, when your heart is set free, your body is moving and your mind is trying to absorb the myriad of amazing feelings that overwhelm, up until the trick is over - and it is then time for the next one.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Tuesday, October 25th, 2016. 

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Connecting Minds at Juarez Technology HUB

@ VOL 13 ON JUN 23, 2016

Ricardo Mora shares on the Technology Hub Ciudad Juarez where there is collaborative growth to build a community of innovative leaders. Mora believes that idea generation is the key factor to improve the economic and social conditions of any region.

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Art En Vivo

@ VOL 13 ON JUN 23, 2016

"Beautify your own life."

In "Art En Vivo" from PechaKucha Night El Paso Vol. 13, Jonathan Childress talks about Art En Vivo, a weekly live screen printing project hosted by Proper Printshop. Its aim is to promote the craft of printmaking, empower artists, and engage the community to engage with art. The project will feature 52 artists in 2016 and travel the world beginning in 2017.

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My Colors Throughout the Years

@ VOL 13 ON JUN 23, 2016

With her presentation, Artist and Professor Letty Diaz takes us on a small trip through her 36 years of art with a discussion of past and present work. Letty's work is primary photographic using live models to create dynamic portraiture. Much of the work is personal - focusing on her own children and students as the subjects.

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Saving Lincoln Center

@ VOL 13 ON JUN 23, 2016

Miguel Juarez's presentation documents a group of community organizers' efforts to save Lincoln Center from demolition.  Miguel situates the history of Lincoln Center and it's role in the community through the history of the creation of El Paso's freeways in the mid-1960s — intersecting at the Lincoln Park community in South Central El Paso.

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A Semester in the Eternal City

@ VOL 13 ON JUN 23, 2016

Alix Herrera shares on her study abroad trip to Rome for Architecture. Herrera is a senior in the Architecture program at Catholic University of America at Washington D.C. She spent her last semester abroad studying Architecture in the Eternal City — Rome, Italy. Alix shares some of her experiences with us and how the semester has helped reshape her worldview.

William Helm
Architect, In*Situ Architecture in El Paso
Daniel Rios
in El Paso, TX
Peter Svarzbein
Visual Artist / City Councilman, myself / the city of El Paso in El Paso, TX
Jacob Whitt
in El Paso, TX
Alix Herrera
Intern, In*Situ Architecture in El Paso, TX
Miguel Juarez
Doctoral Candidate, University of Texas at El Paso in El Paso, TX
Letty Diaz
in El Paso, TX
Amanda Formica
Founder, Paleta Power in El Paso, TX
Ricardo Mora
CEO & Co founder , Technology Hub in Juarez
Jonathan Childress
Printmaker/Consultant/Entrepreneur , Proper Printshop in El Paso, TX
Gustavo Arriaga
Executive Director, Fab Lab El Paso in El Paso