Past Cambridge Event: VOL 4

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April 05, 2016
@ Espresso Library

Express Yourself!

We're doing another PechaKucha Night.

As always, there will be engaging stories, there will be wonderful, thought-provoking images and crucially (and this is the important bit) there will be IDEAS. New concepts, things you've never seen before, cool stuff.

Espresso Library is a gorgeous, airy venue with bicycles suspended from the ceiling and layers of creativity applied lovingly to every surface. They have tea, coffee and some blummin' tasty cakes. And I mean really delicious ones.

SO... come down on April 5th, grab yourself a seat, open your mind and soak up the delicious presentations like you're lying on a huge sunny beach of creativity...

...with delicious cakes.

The event is free, but if you'd like to show everyone that you're going, and possibly even start a conversation about it all, then head over to our lovely facebook page.

See you on April 5th!

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Pivotal - The Cambridge Festival of Change

@ VOL 4 ON APR 05, 2016

Pivotal is the Cambridge-based collectives of artists promoting positive change, particulary in the arena of climate change. Watch James Murray-White as highlighted examples of some of the creative projects the group has initiated across the City.

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Growing a Community Farm

@ VOL 4 ON APR 05, 2016

How Speaker Ben Tregenna and his wife started Cambridgeshire's first community farm. 

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Dear Diary, we can't go on this way....

@ VOL 4 ON APR 05, 2016

A personal account of how Beverley Nolan broke out of the traditional pen and ink journaling form and found new ways to journal for herself and in the company of others.

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The State of State Education

@ VOL 4 ON APR 05, 2016

Education should not be about politics or making money: it should be about learners, what is relevant for their futures, and how to build on their natural talents. Listen as speaker Kathy Salaman explains why. 

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BHAGS and Brushes

@ VOL 4 ON APR 05, 2016

Speaker Vandy Massey presents on Running With Brushes; how her 1000 painting project to raise funds for Care for Casualties went global.

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Coffee Philosophy

@ VOL 4 ON APR 05, 2016

A brief look at the processes, both mental and practical, of Luke Milbourn's approach to speciality Coffee.



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OpenBazaar: Trade as an open p2p protocol

@ VOL 4 ON APR 05, 2016

Speaker Justin Drake introduces OpenBazaar, a revolutionary new approach to online trade. OpenBazaar is a global p2p marketplace not run by any company, without borders, without fees and without restrictions.

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Fragment of Time and the Hands of the Makers

@ VOL 4 ON APR 05, 2016

Listen as Pierre Bidaud guides us on a walk through time with rock and stone. Let the the hands of stonemason be your guide.



Kathy Salaman
Tutor/ trainer, The Good Grammar Company Ltd in Cambridge
beverley nolan
somatic movement educator, therapist, and journaler, self-employed in cambridge
Luke Milbourn
Barista, Writer, Philosopher, Cyclist, Weight Lifter in Manchester
Vandy Massey
Director, Engauge in Cambridge
Justin Drake
Entrepreneur, Duo Money in Cambridge
Pierre Bidaud
Stone mason, the stonemasonry company LTD in Cambridge
James Murray-White
writer, filmmaker, activist, freelance in Cambridge