Past Cape Town Event: VOL 37

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VOL 37

March 07, 2016
@ The Assembly

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Positive Psychology

@ VOL 37 ON MAR 07, 2016

Zara Vorwerk shares a look at practical scientifically proven exercises that can increase happiness in the various fields of Positive Psychology. Particular focus on short, easy to do practical steps with the largest gains in happiness as reported in studies. Many are common sense, but great to know what to focus on and how.

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Growing Young Again

@ VOL 37 ON MAR 07, 2016

This is Delroy Guzha's journey of moving away from weight training and fitness towards movement and health, of making lifestyle choices and habits that apply throughout the day instead of taking an hour to work on his health and then doing damage for the other 23 hours, and finally of remembering to have fun always. Move.

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Natural Eyesight Improvement

@ VOL 37 ON MAR 07, 2016

Are you tired of wearing glasses? Your eyesight can return to normal in the same way that your body naturally heals cuts, broken bones and illnesses! Lawrence Batchelor explains the exercises involved, sharing that we just need to return to the simple, relaxed, vision habits we learned as a child. This talk challenges the beliefs and myths about our eye’s ability to heal!

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Sail Training for Leadership

@ VOL 37 ON MAR 07, 2016

Kris Steyn explains to the audience some of the benefits of sailing on a tallship, showing different aspects of what can be achieved and allowing for thought beyond perceived horizons. Outlining what sailing is like as a career, the travel to far distant lands without the trapping of tourism. More young people are needed to get involved bringing new energy.

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The Wonders of Bicycle Adventuring

@ VOL 37 ON MAR 07, 2016

“Cycle touring is the future of travel. It’s cheap, It’s environmentally friendly, it's a lot of fun and it's a type of travel where you're not trying to get from city to city as fast as you can.”

What happens when a young cartoon-blogger plus her family decide to pack up for a year and embark on an 11,000km unsupported bicycle trip through Africa? A serious, permanent addiction to seeing the world by bicycle – that’s what. In The Wonders of Bicycle Adventuring, from PechaKucha Night Cape Town’s 37th volume, speaker Tegan Phillips give a short cartoon presentation about the wonders of long distance bicycle-travel.

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Falling in Love with Tequila

@ VOL 37 ON MAR 07, 2016

"Now this Plant is called the agave, this plant is what Tequila is made of and this plant changed my life."

In "Falling in Love with Tequila" from PechaKucha Night Cape Town Vol. 37, Sarah Kennan shares a journey of one girl's passion for Tequila that has led her on adventures through Mexico to learn from the Tequila masters, inspiring her to start her own Tequila company in South Africa.

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Repurposing an Architectural Dinosaur

@ VOL 37 ON MAR 07, 2016

Macio Miszewski presentes the 1920s docklands Grain Silo, one of the City’s most significant surviving Heritage Resources, and how it is undergoing a dramatic re-purposing - designed by Thomas Heatherwick and implemented by local Architects - to become the most unique art destination in Africa set in Cape Town’s newest mixed use urban precinct at the V&A Waterfront. Co-Presenters: Lloyd Rubidge & Karien Trengove

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Find Out What You're Made Of

@ VOL 37 ON MAR 07, 2016

Dr. Sahal  Jacoob will introduce some ideas from quantum mechanics and Einstein’s theory of special relativity, to describe our deepest understanding of the ingredients needed to form the universe. He may also mention why CERN’s Large Hadron Collider is important. The theory built based on these results is robust but incomplete.

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Biomimicry & Life's Principles

@ VOL 37 ON MAR 07, 2016

While doing her Masters of Science in Biomimicry, through Arizona State University Sarita Van der Walt recently learnt about an awesome tool called Life's Principles. She will briefly introduce people to this tool, as well as the field of Biomimicry.

Zara Vorwerk
Founder at Happiness Squared in Cape Town
Delroy Guzha
in Cape Town
Kris Steyn
Boat Bum, @ the breweries in Cape Town
Sarah Kennan
Tequila Distiller - 100% Agave South African grown in Cape Town
Dr. Sahal Jacoob
in Cape Town
Macio Miszewski
in Cape Town
Tegan Phillips
in Cape Town