Past Nishinomiya Event: VOL 28

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VOL 28

April 15, 2016
@ Konan CUBE (Hirao School of Management)

This will be our first event of 2016. With PKN Nishinomiya Volume #28, we welcome our eighth cohort of students at Konan University, Hirao School of Management (CUBE), and the year is shaping up to be a year of connections. Plans are in the works for collaboration projects with Hakataka Sake Brewery and Kansai area artists. Bring On . . . Spring On.

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Taking Art to the Street

@ VOL 28 ON APR 15, 2016

"Street art doesn't have to be graffiti and vandalism."

In "Taking Art to the Street" from PechaKucha Nishinomiya Vol. 28, International Artist Daas shares the creative mojo that he pours into his vibrant and iconic works. Pulling inspiration from origami, his unique style takes on fresh, fun, and bold illustrative works, from powerful animals to people portraits, from street art murals to collaborative works with children and the public at large.

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Encaustic Expressions

@ VOL 28 ON APR 15, 2016

Matthew Fasone talks about bringing disregarded items back to life through encaustic art.

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Jimmy’s Lament

@ VOL 28 ON APR 15, 2016

Phil Norton shares a theatrical tale of Clark Kent's best friend, Jimmy Olsen and his unrequited love for Lois Lane. 

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Snare Drums and the 10,000 Hour Rule

@ VOL 28 ON APR 15, 2016

Yoshiharu Semachi introduced the 10,000 hour rule and his dedication to the snare drum.

Paul Freeborn
in Nishinomiya
Artist DAAS
Artist in Kobe
Roger Palmer
Associate Professor, Konan University, Hirao School of Management in Nishinomiya
Phil Norton
in Nishinomiya
James Rogers
University Professor in Nagoya
Tomoaki Ikekita
in Nishinomiya
Aina Hama
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Yoshiharu Semachi
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Matthew Fasone
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