Past Cleveland Event: VOL 27

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VOL 27

February 18, 2016
@ Music Box Supper Club

On Thursday, February 18th, join PKN CLE for the 2016 PKN season opener at the Music Box Supper Club in the West Bank of the Flats! As always, each presenter will show 20 images, each time to 20 seconds a piece for a total of six minutes and forty seconds! You are not going to want to miss this group of 10 carefully curated presenters! The presenter list will be announced shortly, please keep an eye on the PKN Webpage, our @PKNCLE twitter account and our Facebook page at PKNCLE!

The doors for PKN will open at 7:00pm, presentations will begin promptly at 8:20pm and be over by 10:30pm. We encourage everyone to show up a bit early and enjoy some GREAT beer, great views and most importantly great conversations!!!

Questions? Or interested in presenting at a future PKN? Please email us at

To help support the Global PKN Network, we will be asking for $2 donations at the door. If you cannot afford to part with the donation, we still want you to come and don't forget to bring friends.

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The Dilemma of a Modern Violinist

@ VOL 27 ON FEB 18, 2016

In "The Dilemma of a Modern Violinist," professional violinist Ariel Clayton Karas chronicles humorous aspects of her musical journey and addresses the challenges classical musicians face with a genre long-considered to be "high art." Her presentation unfolds simply through all-text slides paired with a rotating soundtrack of music clips. Through "The Dilemma of the Modern Violinist," Ariel hopes new listeners will be inspired, and that "the keepers of this beautiful, unique genre of music never lose sight of its power to connect, not separate."

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That's the Good Cancer, Right?

@ VOL 27 ON FEB 18, 2016

Let's be straight about a couple of things: 1) cancer sucks a giant Matzo ball if you've got it; and 2) it's hard to make chit-chat with someone who does have it. In this offbeat presentation, cancer survivor Dan Dean offers you the 9 do's and don'ts of how to interact with that special cancer patient in your life. The tips will keep your feet firmly on the ground (and not in your mouth) and help you be an amazing support to someone in treatment

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Disowned Customs - Motorcycle Fabricator

@ VOL 27 ON FEB 18, 2016

"When I was younger, I never thought that I would be a motorcycle builder."

In Disowned Customs - Motorcycle Fabricator from PechaKucha Night Cleveland Vol. 27Dani Pajak shares on his life as a custom motorcycle builder. Pajak is a builder in Cleveland who got his start in his own garage. He learned how to weld from a local company – Lincoln Electric – in a work-study type program when he was trying to turn his life around after the birth of his daughter.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Thursday, August 12th, 2016.

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@ VOL 27 ON FEB 18, 2016

Told is a live storytelling event dedicated to the belief that everyone has at least one good story to tell. Told wants to help people tell that story. In the 2 years since it's founding, Dave Sabol has learned a few things about storytelling in Cleveland. Here are a few of the lessons. 

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Today's Agenda

@ VOL 27 ON FEB 18, 2016

"As Blacks, where do we go? Are we moving forward?"

In Today's Agenda from PechaKucha Night Cleveland Vol. 27, Artist Darius Steward shares his artwork and explains the role that it has in conversations of blackness, injustice and racism.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Wednesday, July 27th, 2016. 

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Visual Design and Professional Friendships

@ VOL 27 ON FEB 18, 2016

Graphic Designer and entitled millenial Nolan Beck shares his approach to establishing super authentic relationships with those he works with and how it leads to really great work. 

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@ VOL 27 ON FEB 18, 2016

"What if a city itself can take selfies of itself all day long?"

In Architography from PechaKucha Night Cleveland Vol. 27, Architect and photographer Dave Robar takes you on a visual journey through the city he fell in love with in 1986. He takes no fewer than 12 photographs at a time and is excited to share a few secrets about how to "be a tourist in your own city" because you never know what you'll discover about it.

This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 29th, 2017. 

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@ VOL 27 ON FEB 18, 2016

"I start to fall for the work and the possibility and wonder of creating something so special to someone else and so much part of who I am." 

In Ladysmith from PechaKucha Night Cleveland Vol. 27, Jewelry maker Liza Michelle Rifkin asks why anyone chooses anyone else for a life of love? Why does anyone need an engagement ring? The process of designing and creating an engagement ring is a lot like dating she says. Here she dives into the interesting process of making custom engagement rings for her clients.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Wednesday, August 31st, 2016. 

Liza Michelle Rifkin
Jeweler/Goldsmith, Self Employed in Cleveland
Nolan Beck
in Cleveland
Ariel Clayton Karas
Violinist, (Self-Employed!) in Cleveland
David Sabol
Teacher, founder of Told in Cleveland
Dave Robar
Architect, Vocon. in Cleveland
Dan Dean
in Cleveland
Dani Pajak
Weld engineer, Disowned Customs in Cleveland
Shawn Mishak
Assistant Director, Cleveland:Rocks Past, Present and Future in Cleveland