Past Bexhill-on-Sea Event: VOL 2

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March 08, 2016
@ De La Warr Pavilion

On International Womens Day 2016 our panel of inspiring speakers will present their images and ideas on a number of fascinating subjects.  

Confirmed speakers include:

Jenny Edbrooke - The Menstrual Revolution 

Vanessa Marr - Women and Domesticity

David Gee - Lines that are changing the World

Haydn Cornner - How to Give Things Up and Other Serious Matters

Grande Dame - Grande Dame's Animation Odyssey 

Louise Kenward - The longest way round is the shortest way home

Sharon Haward - This Bird Has Flown

Alastair Fairley - Science Fiction, Science Fact

Louise Colbourne - Our Machines

Dr. Jo-Anne Bichard - We Wee







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The Menstrual Revolution

@ VOL 2 ON MAR 08, 2016

Jenny Edbrooke explores personal interests and the social taboos of menstruation, and how the natural act should be a sign of female empowerment. 

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Science Fiction, Science Fact

@ VOL 2 ON MAR 08, 2016

"These days, if you can think it, it's a pretty sure bet science is not going to be far behind"

In Science Fiction, Science Fact from PechaKucha Night Bexhill on Sea Vol. 2Alastair Fairley talks about the crossing (for better or worse) of science and fiction. How programmes such as Siri, Facetime and even the internet were once just ideas; fast forward and these very ideas have been fabricated into our everyday lives. 

This was "Presentation of the Day" on June 30th, 2017. 

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Our Machines

@ VOL 2 ON MAR 08, 2016

Having curated an exhibition locally under the same title, Louise Colbourne discusses our relationship with the machine-age and how increasingly 'machines' are being sexualised; opening a wider discussion on the objectification of technology in todays western society. 

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How to Give Things Up and Other Serious Matters

@ VOL 2 ON MAR 08, 2016

Haydn Cornner presents a slightly personal, but highly comical talk on consumption. How much do we need? What do we need? Does getting/having what we need make us happy? Are we happy?! Just a few questions that Cornner explores.  

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Women and Domesticity

@ VOL 2 ON MAR 08, 2016

The ongoing project by Vanessa Marr is the centre point of this presentation. Dust clothes are used as the canvas for females to embroid and sew personal messages challenging gender-based stereotypes and the role of a women in the 21st century.  

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We Wee

@ VOL 2 ON MAR 08, 2016

Dr. Jo-Anne Bichard has studied toilets for many years, looking at the wider social and political conversations of the division between these male and female spaces. Now working on an app of public loos in the UK, Bichard presents an intelligent and comical talk. 

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Lines that are changing the World

@ VOL 2 ON MAR 08, 2016

Through a collection of graphs and charts, David Gee gives a highly analytical and thought-provoking presentation on how certain scientific and geographic developments are sculpting the world today. 

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Grande Dame's Animation Odyssey

@ VOL 2 ON MAR 08, 2016

Grande Dame, aka Tiff McGinnis puts a twist on the romantic notion of Disney with her psychedelic animations and games. Dame talks us through both her work and brain; giving an insight into the thinking and making of a south coast rock diva. 

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This Bird has Flown

@ VOL 2 ON MAR 08, 2016

Sharon Haward takes us on a journey of both her personal and academic life. Undertaking an artist residency in Norway, Haward has documented her stay and presents the results here. 

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The longest way round is the shortest way home

@ VOL 2 ON MAR 08, 2016

Louise Kenward embarks on a 55,000km adventure visiting Bexhill, to Bexhill, from Bexhill. Here we see a photographic diary and an individuals passion, fuelled by the kindness of those Kenward meets along the way. 

Jenny Edbrooke
Artist in Icklesham
Louise Colbourne
artist/curator, and arts event producer in St. Leonards-on-Sea
Vanessa Marr
Graphic Designer, Artist and Lecturer in Bexhill-on-Sea
Haydn Cornner
Illustrator, Poet and Musician in Hastings
Alistair Fairley
Writer, Researcher and Historian
Grande Dame
Animator/Artist/Designer in Hastings
Louise Kenward
Artist in Bexhill on Sea
Jo-Anne Bichard
Design Anthropologist , Royal College of Art and Brighton University in St.Leonards on Sea
Sharon Haward
Artist in Hastings
David Gee
in Bexhill on Sea