Past Sioux Falls Event: VOL 16

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VOL 16

December 04, 2015
@ Sioux Falls Design Center

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Knock on Wood

@ VOL 16 ON DEC 04, 2015

Josh Rieck began studying the art of lutherie (stringed musical instrument making) in 2002 at Minnesota State College – Southeast Technical in Red Wing, MN. After graduating with honors from the Guitar Repair and Construction course he moved back to his hometown, Aberdeen, SD and started String Theory Musical Instrument Repair and Custom Construction, performing guitar repair for local musicians while also beginning to build various acoustic and electric instruments.

Due to local needs, Josh also began to work with violin family instruments while studying double bass performance at Northern State University. Double bass studies continued in 2007 at the University of South Dakota at which point the business also moved to Sioux Falls.

After completing his masters in 2009, Josh went full time as a luthier in a new location in Sioux Falls. Though he did return to academia in 2012-2013 while studying the history of musical instruments at the National Music Museum.

Since beginning in lutherie, Josh has built over 40 instruments and repaired thousands. As of 2015, the focus of his business has shifted toward J. Rieck Lutherie - the instrument making side of his endeavours.

He also plays with The Union Grove Pickers; sits on the board of the SD Friends of Traditional Music; is co-founder of Different Folk Records, and is a member the Guild of American Luthiers and the Ukulele Guild of Hawaii.


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Objects are Greater than They Appea

@ VOL 16 ON DEC 04, 2015

Justin Enger is a avid consumer of material culture, who lives in Harrisburg SD with his long suffering husband, Travis, and their three dogs Eva, Otie and Cadet.


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Hanging by a Thread: Keeping Traditional Arts Alive

@ VOL 16 ON DEC 04, 2015

As an artist Ashley Rieck continually tries to maintain balance in her life. Spending most of her adolescence in South Dakota and the Midwest, she was fortunate to have a few special women that were willing to teach her traditional arts. From baking bread to cross stitch and embroidery, Ashley is fascinated with everything. Ultimately drawn to cross stitch and string art as it allows her to really focus on the task at hand and makes her use the analytical side of her brain. Over the years she has experimented with different ways to express herself through string.

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Mind the Gap

@ VOL 16 ON DEC 04, 2015

Lisa Nolen shares anecdotes from her life and how she manages anxiety. Nolen moved to Sioux Falls 10 years ago as a stepping stone on a journey. She unexpectedly found the love of her life here, by way of a meddling sister and a shared love of ice cream and WWE wrestling. Together, Chad and Lisa love taking walks with their two young children, laughing uncontrollably at their own jokes, and serving others through their business development company, Serve Collective.
Growing up, her mom often said Lisa marched to the beat of a different drum. After years of growing up trying to fit in, she’s loving this part of the journey finding her own beat.

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