Past Nanaimo Event: VOL 3

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January 30, 2016
@ Nanaimo Entertainment Centre

For Your Consideration; from intention to creation, the path of positive change.

Stories of process, motivation, inspiration, influence, observation, challenge and accomplishment in personal and/or professional life that contribute to the creation of positive change in our local communities, culture and environment.

Join us for a casual, fun gathering of "thinking and drinking", and sharing stories in a dynamic and engaging format that fuels inspiration and connectivity.

This is a great opportunity to get out from behind your screen and get to a live event, with real people, real communication, real beer, and real creative fun. Come enjoy a “real” social network.

TICKETS ON SALE @ Lucid downtown and online.


Dave Witty: VIU Provost, City Planner

Jesse Birch: Curator, Nanaimo Art Gallery

Lisa Hemingway: CGD. Design Consultant, Backyard Creative

Nancy Pagé: Professor, VIU Graphic Design Degree Program

Mark Ashby: Architect, Mark Ashby Architecture

Titia Jetten: Designer/Artists, Balbina Studio

Serena Klaver: Manager, Living Forest Campground and Yoga Instructor

Kevin Mazutinec: Faculty, VIU Graphic Design Degree Program

Mark Holland: City Planner, Vice President of Development for Storm Mountain Developments

David Petroziello: Student and Professional Sports Coach

Julie Bevan: Executive Director, Nanaimo Art Gallery


MET Printers


White Sails Brewing

Chateau Wolff Estate Winery

Edge Photography


Square One Nanaimo 

Illustration and poster design: Skyler Punnett 

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Before Party @ Square One 6:30pm-7pm.

After party @ Level Two 11pm onwards.


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@ VOL 3 ON JAN 30, 2016

Presenter Jesse Birch is the curator at the Nanaimo Art Gallery. During his presentation, titled "Blueberries," Jesse shares his experience with this awesome, organic exhibit as an example of a collaborative, curatorial process.

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Let's see what we've got here...

@ VOL 3 ON JAN 30, 2016

Join speaker and celebrated artist Titia Jetten during an exploration of art and photography during her presentation, "Let's see what we've got here..."

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Designing Personal Sustainability

@ VOL 3 ON JAN 30, 2016

“When I first started, I became busy so quickly but I learned busy doesn't mean happy. I had no time to do the creative work I had been hired to do, let alone any personal projects, volunteer work or on some days even eat or sleep. People told me oh you're busy that's so great! but this kind of busy was making me miserable.”

In Designing Personal Sustainability from PechaKucha Night Nanaimo’s 3rd Volume Speaker Lisa Hemingway talks us through her journey of applying principles of sustainability into her personal life. A collaborative creative consultant with a focus on sustainable design, she provides useful advice in how to sustain yourself when you work on your own. After all, when you're your own boss, your most important employee is yourself.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Wednesday, February 24th, 2016. 

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Beyond the Scoreboard

@ VOL 3 ON JAN 30, 2016

Speaker David Petroziello is a professional coach and youth leadership consultant. Join him in his presentation "Beyond the Scoreboard: Why I Coach for Impact Rather than Wins" and discover what happens when he applies his coaching strategies and principles off the court.

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See Spot Sell

@ VOL 3 ON JAN 30, 2016

See spot run. See spot sit. See spot sell. Join graphic designer Nancy Pagé as she explores the role of our canine friends in advertising over the years.

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Experience and Eccentricity

@ VOL 3 ON JAN 30, 2016

Speaker Mark Holland is a LEED-accredited and Registered Professional Planner (RP) and the Vice President of Development for Storm Mountain Developments. Join him in his quest to give Nanaimo a distinct and eccentric personality during his presentation, "Experience and Eccentricity: A key to success in the new
big bland world."
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Objective: Transformation

@ VOL 3 ON JAN 30, 2016

Speaker Julie Bevan is a writer, curator, educator, and the executive director of the Nanaimo Art Gallery. During her presentation, Julie invites us to explore the powerful potential of museums and galleries as community builders and agents of change.

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Placemaking: Urban design as a catalyst for change

@ VOL 3 ON JAN 30, 2016

Dave Witty is VIU’s Provost and Vice-President Academic, and a Registered Professional Planner (RPP) affiliated with numerous national planning and architecture institutes. In his presentation, titled "Placemaking: Urban design as a catalyst for change," Dave walks us along a possible path for positive change right here in Nanaimo. 
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@ VOL 3 ON JAN 30, 2016

Presenter Serena Klaver is a yogi and marathoner, and during her presentation titled "Mar-a-thons," she tugs at our heartstrings and lifts up our spirits with her deeply personal story of love, life, and the importance of looking forward.

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Artistic Exorcism

@ VOL 3 ON JAN 30, 2016

In addition to his role as teacher at VIU, Presenter Kevin Mazutinec is a key member of the performance group Meridian. During his presentation titled: "Artistic Exorcism," Kevin invites us to explore the world through his eccentric, sometimes macabre, and always fascinating eyes.
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The Intervention Intention...

@ VOL 3 ON JAN 30, 2016

Speaker Mark Ashby, architect and co-founder of the original Nanaimo Design Nerds, invites us to imagine new possibilities during his presentation titled: "The Intervention Intention," challenging us to step into the mind of a child and imagine our spaces playfully, and boundlessly.

Nancy Pagé
Graphic designer and teacher in Nanoose Bay
Serena Klaver
Office Manager, Yoga Instructor, Living Forest Oceanside Campground & RV Park, RF Wellspring in Nanaimo
David Witty
Provost, Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo
Mark Holland
real estate development in Nanaimo
Jesse Birch
Curator, Nanaimo Art Gallery in Nanaimo
David Petroziello
Sport Coaching and Leadership / Student in Nanaimo
Lisa Hemingway
Collaborative Creative Consultant, Backyard Creative in Nanaimo
Titia Jetten
Designer-artist-photographer-writer, Balbina Studio in Nanaimo BC
Kevin Mazutinec
Artist, Instructor, Technician, Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo
Julie Bevan
Executive Director , Nanaimo Art Gallery