Past Bandar Seri Begawan Event: VOL 5

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November 01, 2015

It's our ANNIVERSARY!!  It's been a year since PechaKuchaNights in BSB kicked off.  What a year it has been, thanks for your support *yay* 

For the novice, PechaKuchaNights are informal and fun gatherings where creative people share their ideas, works, thoughts, holiday snaps - whatever they are passionate about - in the PechaKucha 20x20 format.  It started in 2003 in Tokyo and now PechaKuchaNights are happening in over 800 cities around the world. 

For BSB, the first PKN took place on 1 November 2014 with 50 people in attendance.  If you want to be part of Vol 5, go to

See you there!

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Seeing In A Different Light

@ VOL 5 ON NOV 01, 2015

Because of one lassi (not his first, not his last) during his trip to India, Fitri Ali discovered a world so new, so old, so wrong, so right, so different and, the same. In his journey to prove the universe didn't need him, Fitri found answers to questions he couldn't find answers to before.

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Once Upon A PechaKucha

@ VOL 5 ON NOV 01, 2015

"When there's a chance for your story to be told, will you be so bold? When people come together, alchemy happens. When we come together, it's magic."


To celebrate PKNBSB's first anniversary, Huwaida Ishaaq, talked about how her friend told her to bring PechaKucha to Brunei, explained why she adamantly refused and is now the person who brought it to Bandar Seri Begawan.

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Failure – My Greatest Teacher

@ VOL 5 ON NOV 01, 2015

A workaholic, a husband and a father of two, Reuben Fang shared how he pushed himself out of a rut in sixteen months and into the world of being a trainer and consultant in real world skills through his company, New Heights. Have a listen to how Reuben became interested in the art of persuasion, the science of emotional connection and how sharing his passion through New Heights have helped more than just himself but many others as well.

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The Collective – A Local Maker Space

@ VOL 5 ON NOV 01, 2015

Shinny Chia returned for the second time in this anniversary volume to share with us about her company, The Collective, and how creative experiences were shared between people with different passions through the events they've popped-up!

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Raising Relentless

@ VOL 5 ON NOV 01, 2015

Amy & Mardi of Relentless Entertainment spoke about how you can achieve anything by living your passion. Relentless Entertainment encourages people to develop their creativity and provides the outlet where dance, performance, voice and more can shine. And even when unfortunate events happened during their journey, they continued to progress and charged on to become something bigger than they ever imagined.

Huwaida Ishaaq
Writer, Entrepreneur, Community builder, Heartwrite Co. in Bandar Seri Begawan
Shinny Chia
Creative Director, The Collective in Bandar Seri Begawan
Reuben Fang
Communication Coach and Trainer, New Heights Training & Consultancy in Bandar Seri Begawan
Amy & Mardi, Hedus
Events managers, Choreographers, Dancers in Bandar Seri Begawan