Past Beirut Event: VOL 23

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VOL 23

October 21, 2015
@ Meker Showroom

Summer is coming to an end, here’s one more occasion to get together around drinks and inspiring stories! Join us at Meker Showroom, Jisr El wati for the last session of the year with presenters not to be missed!



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Mommy Made Social Catering

@ VOL 23 ON OCT 21, 2015

Samer Sfeir takes us through the inception and expansion of Mommy Made, a social catering line that has grown to encompass various platforms and activities for women and children in need.

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Making of the Music Bench

@ VOL 23 ON OCT 21, 2015

Sabine Saba and Sandy Lyen tell us about their collaboration on the Music Bench. Sabine focuses on the process of designing punctual interventions in the urban fabric of Beirut through the Urban Pins project, and Sandy tells us about her career in woodworking using discarded material.

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What You Don't Learn in University

@ VOL 23 ON OCT 21, 2015

“So most of my friends thought that this is something luxurious because you’re starting a company etc but actually it was very tiring, I was working from Sunday night till Saturday morning every week and then crashing for 24 hours.”

In What You Don't Learn in University from PechaKucha Night Beirut’s 23rd volume, Entrepreneur Jad Joubran tells us about how he refused university and taught himself in order to fulfill his passion. By the age of 22, Jad has developed eTobb the first online medical platform in Lebanon to connect doctors and patients.


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Positive Lebanon

@ VOL 23 ON OCT 21, 2015

Patricia Moukarzel from Tamyras introduces Positive Lebanon, a project that looks on the bright side. She tells us about all the inspiring people and civil society initiatives that contribute to making lebanon a better place.

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Fake It 'til You Make It

@ VOL 23 ON OCT 21, 2015

Ghaleb Hawila gives us a peek into his journey to find his passion, arabic calligraphy. From how to break the rules to turning your hobby into your occupation, Ghaleb retraces the steps that led him to challenge the preconceptions and develop his own language.

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Cooks and Stories: BiBayti

@ VOL 23 ON OCT 21, 2015

How do you reconcile love for food with the art of hosting? With BiBayti, amateur and professional chefs get the opportunity to cook for your and your guests in your very own kitchen. 

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Wakkel, for when you can't

@ VOL 23 ON OCT 21, 2015

Zainab Nasser tells the story of Wakkel, the customized assistance service for everyone. From exchanging services, to working with her mother, to being part of the crazy Beirut traffic, Zainab has created Wakkel to take care of tasks, errands and logistics when you can't.


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Trash to Treasure: Cedar Environmental

@ VOL 23 ON OCT 21, 2015

Ziad AbiChaker, founder of Cedar Environmental, explains how waste can be turned into a valuable resource. An insightful and timely intervention, Ziad's talk gives sustainable and realistic solutions to the current trash crisis in Lebanon and other countries.

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Use for Fun: Collaborative Social Design

@ VOL 23 ON OCT 21, 2015

Danny Khoury and Rim Ismail created their dream job by setting up a platform that allows them to address social issues through holistic design based on user, form and function. Through a collaborative approach, they engage with illustrators, photographers and designers to produce original creations.

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Wickerpark: More than Music

@ VOL 23 ON OCT 21, 2015

Georges Junior Daou tells the story behind Wickerpark, a festival that has been taking place in the coastal town of Batroun in North Lebanon. Wickerpark is based on giving back to the community and to the environment. From saving the sea urchins to organizing yoga classes, watch the presentation to find out how Wickerpark's activities been evolving over the years.

Samer Sfeir
in Beirut
Ghaleb Hawila
in Beirut
Jad Joubran
in Beirut
Zainab Nasser
in Beirut
Sandy Lyen
Woodworker, designer in Beirut
Sabine Saba
in Beirut
Ziad Abi Chaker
Environmental Engineer, Cedar Environmental in Beirut
Rim Ismail
in Beirut
Danny Khoury
Graphic Designer, Self Employed in Beirut