Past El Paso Event: VOL 11

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Art as Therapy

@ VOL 11 ON OCT 10, 2015

Luis Cano describes personal experiences that influenced the development of his art style. He reveals that when he started his career in art therapy, not only was he helping others connect to their emotions via art, his own work developed in depth as well.


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Monk Drums

@ VOL 11 ON OCT 10, 2015

John Laweka presents the work of Monk Drums, drums locally crafted by the hands of the desert dwelling monks of Chaparral, NM.

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Borders Visualized

@ VOL 11 ON OCT 10, 2015

“The border is a very difficult place to describe. Anything I say about it, I'll also say the exact opposite about it.”

In Borders Visualized from PechaKucha Night El Paso’s 11th Volume, speaker Kerry Doyle presents the mission of the Rubin Center for Visual Arts at UTEP with a selection of work from exhibitions over the first 10 years.  Borders are meant to divide. As border tensions rise, artists –both performance and visual– have been creating works to represent the relationship between the bordering cities of El Paso and Ciudad Juarez. The Rubin Center now has a decade’s worth of stories to show and tell.

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TIME Project in El Paso

@ VOL 11 ON OCT 10, 2015

“We're really trying to change the way things are done in El Paso by letting people know that density is a good thing, letting people know that investing in local talent is something that can be really nice and really beneficial for… the people around you.”

In The TIME Project in El Paso from PechaKucha Night El Paso’s 11th Volume, presenter Rida Asfahani describes Root Architect's TIME project. An urban density, mixed use, this spectacular third space brings people together in west El Paso. Using locally sourced materials, commissioning local talent, and trying to overall draw from the local culture, the project successfully managed to create a space that was unique.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Wednesday February 10th, 2016. 

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My Journey Into Photography

@ VOL 11 ON OCT 10, 2015

Presenter Veronica Gonzalez speaks of 2015, the year she decided to take on photography. It was something she had always enjoyed but hadn't given enough of her time to. She was fortunate enough to meet a great photographer, teacher and friend, Heriberto Ibarra, who took the time to teach her and has inspired her. These photos are some of her favorites from 2015.

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@ VOL 11 ON OCT 10, 2015

Speaker Josue Munoz-Miramon discusses IncuBus. The premise of this work conceptualizes the development of an autonomous transportation system that does not rely on built infrastructure to freely move bodies across the border between the United States and Mexico. The border evolves into a “transfrontier” defying borders, ownership, and control remnant to the freedom it once enjoyed. In this way, the economic development, resources, and public services associated with current ports of entry begin to sprawl along regions of the border that in contrast, suffer a noticeable lack of economic prosperity, resources and public services.

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Virtual Poetry

@ VOL 11 ON OCT 10, 2015

Computers have been around for a while now but in some ways they have remained underused. Just like a paint brush can be used to paint a door or to paint a piece of art, the computer has the same duality. Just like the paint brush, the computer requires a skill set to explore its creative and poetic potential. Sergio Ramos discusses how computers allow us to create virtual poetry. When this was realized, preconceived notions of how a computer should be used, have been restricting us from looking into how the computer works and how can one extrapolate its processes.

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Hyper modernism

@ VOL 11 ON OCT 10, 2015

Hypermodernism thru the eyes of a binational photographer. Two countries, three states, two cities merged into one persona. Traveling thru countries is an everyday thing when living in a diverse border town full of color, flavor and a distinctive separation; photographing it becomes necessary to capture as much as possible to bring the hypermodernism of ones eye.

Kerry Doyle
in El Paso
John Laweka
in Chaparral, NM
Rida Asfahani
in El Paso, TX
Sergio Ramos
in El Paso, TX
Steven Ingle
in El Paso, TX
Heriberto Ibarra
in El Paso, TX
Edgar Lopez
in El Paso, TX
Luis Cano
in El Paso, TX
Veronica Gonzalez
in El Paso, TX
Annie Perez
in El Paso, TX
Jacob Neria
in Chaparral