Past Santa Barbara Event: VOL 15

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VOL 15

November 04, 2015
@ Dargan's Irish Pub and Restaurant

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Your Business, Your Career, Your Life

@ VOL 15 ON NOV 04, 2015

Bob Vitamante is a business consultant, coach and the Chairman and volunteer mentor with the Santa Barbara chapter of SCORE. His background includes 10 years as a CPA with KPMG and 30+ years of leadership as an executive officer. Bob is particularly proud of his achievements in mergers and acquisitions, business growth and startups, including leading a technology IPO in 1999 and he has also owned several small businesses.

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The Anthropocene Strikes Back

@ VOL 15 ON NOV 04, 2015

Chris Lortie is an ecologist and integrative scientist. He studies plants, people, and open science. He is a research scientist at the National Center for Ecological Synthesis and Analysis and an Associate Professor. He is a trail runner, and time outside is the best time.

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A Brief History of Jewelry

@ VOL 15 ON NOV 04, 2015

Calla Gold, owner of Calla Gold Jewelry a Santa Barbara, CA based jeweler, has been a "Jeweler without Walls" since 1983. Specializing in custom jewelry design, wedding rings, jewelry restoration and revitalizing of unworn and under worn jewelry, she helps her clients select jewelry that fits their distinct lifestyle, career, face and body shapes.

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You Tell Me

@ VOL 15 ON NOV 04, 2015

Steve Caputo is a dynamic and creative management professional with over twenty five years experience offering organizational development, corporate training, team building, and facilitation. He also brings knowledge and experience in strategic planning, project management, supervision, and problem solving using an open systems approach.

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The Way of the Unstarving Artist

@ VOL 15 ON NOV 04, 2015

Molly Hahn began her daily meditative sketch practice in 2011; after a series of traumatic life events. Her Buddha comics, light in heart but deep in intent, greatly helped her in her own healing process.
To share and pay forward this joy, she began posting Buddha Doodles online, and was delighted when they quickly found an audience. The Buddha Doodles community is now over 200,000 strong and growing.

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Central Coast Culture: A California Cocktail

@ VOL 15 ON NOV 04, 2015

Holli Harmon find herself to be a contrarian at times, so as a painter, the description of a “contemporary traditionalist” is fitting.  It reflects her effort to use imagery that is clearly current while honoring the tradition of painting.  Her narratives are told with characters and scenes that are ordinary in our modern world. Her paintings are material records of the places and people who have been significant to her in her personal experience. She can share this imagery honestly, because it is the one she knows.    She says, "These stories describe our experience as a human being. They are always found on the edge of our own personal borders of space and time."

Christopher Lortie
ecologist in Santa Barbara
Molly Hahn
in Santa Barbara
Calla Gold
in Santa Barbara
Koji Tanaka
Wood Artist/Woodworker, Koji Tanaka Woodworking in Santa Barbara
Steve Caputo
in Santa Barbara
Holli Harmon
Artist in Santa Barbara
Bob Vitamante
in Santa Barbara