Past San Francisco Event: VOL 62

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VOL 62

May 21, 2018
@ Prezi

Join us in a celebration of PLAY, PechaKucha San Francisco's 62nd event!

The night will feature amazing wine provided by Rock Wall Winery of Alameda, live music by Abbot Kinney and Kendra McKinley of Balanced Breakfast, virtual reality demos by River Studios, all kinds of games and, of course, fun and inspiring PK presentations by... 

+ Joachim Muller-Lance / Kame Design
+ Amanda Peterson / Google's Brand Studio
+ Brandon Baunach / SCB Architects
+ Jason Bice / Google's Brand Studio
+ Paul Clothier / Apple
+ Sacha Ostern / Prezi
+ Stefan Aronsen / Balanced Breakfast
+ Ken Frederick / Google's Brand Studio
+ Christian Talmage / River Studios
+ Carlos Aguirre / Emcee Infinite

Doors open at 6:30pm; presentations start at 7pm. No ticket sales at the door.

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Jargon for the Rest of Us

@ VOL 62 ON MAY 21, 2018

"'Business-speak' is used to alienate us and I believe language should be used to unite us, and here are 18 words to help." 

Business speak got you confused? Turn the tables with these 18 words born on the corporate front lines. In Jargon for the Rest of Us from PechaKucha Night San Francisco Vol. 62, writer for Google brand studio, Jason Bice shares some clever words to get us all out of a pinch and bring us together with a chuckle. Jason's been a waiter, an art dealer, a stand-up comic, and is currently trying his hand at being a dad.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Friday, Octobern 28th, 2015.

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@ VOL 62 ON MAY 21, 2018

A visual dissertation of "Nubbins".

This is Joachim Muller-Lance's 12th PechaKucha presentation at a PK Night. He's presented previously all around the world. He’s also an awardwinning designer, principal and owner of Kame Design in SF, and likes to travel and hunt for strange details in the streets of faraway cultures.

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Word Play for Flow

@ VOL 62 ON MAY 21, 2018

Words are more playful than you might think. Amanda C. Peterson is a movie and game geek who also happens to work as the head of naming at Google's brand studio. She's named Photoshop Lightroom, Samsung Instinct and Google's new parent company Alphabet among hundreds of other things.

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@ VOL 62 ON MAY 21, 2018

Do you love haikus? Sketchs of famous architectural structures? 17 original haikus set to original sketches of famous architectural buildings? Here's Pecha(hai)Kucha!

Brandon Baunach is an architect living in Berkeley with his wife, Stacey, and two boys, Lawrence and and Leon. He once had dinner with Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and the Archbishop of San Francisco -- sounds like a story for another time.

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Every Way to Play

@ VOL 62 ON MAY 21, 2018

An examination of the serious side of play, inspired by his childhood. Paul Clothier examined the word "play" from every angle leaving no letter unturned.

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Productive Distractions

@ VOL 62 ON MAY 21, 2018

A collection of nighttime projects and productive distractions. Ken Frederick is a Creative Lead at Google's Brand Studio. He is as at home in front of a command line prompt as he is a case of lead type, can make you a decent cappuccino, and would love it if you asked him about his record collection.

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Balanced Breakfast

@ VOL 62 ON MAY 21, 2018

Balanced Breakfast is boosting the Bay Area music industry... one breakfast at a time. This group consists of industry professionals that meet for breakfast and talk about how to make the SF scene become a place where musicians and industry professionals alike can make money doing what they love.

Stefan Aronsen has a masters degree in graphic design. He is a music promoter, photographer, radio host & DJ who founded SF Intercom and co-founded Balanced Breakfast, and he is also the Art Director at Music City SF.

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Virtual Reality: The Next Frontier

@ VOL 62 ON MAY 21, 2018

What is the next frontier? Anywhere, with virtual reality. Christian Talmage, virtual reality frontiersman and Design Director at River Studios, talks all things this reality and beyond.

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Freestyle + Beatbox

@ VOL 62 ON MAY 21, 2018

Carlos Aguirre, a.k.a. Emcee Infinite, freestyles and beatboxes to 20 images he's seeing for the first time on stage. During the break, we had the audience select and draw images that represent "what San Francisco means to me." The crowd then selected ten images and ten sketches, order them, and we turned that into Emcee Infinite's PechaKucha Night presentation! Our technical difficulties for this one made the total presentation closer to 10 minutes as opposed to 6:40 but it was worth it!

Carlos Aquire, a.k.a. Emcee Infinite, has been performing in the Bay Area and beyond for over 13 years. He is part of the musical group Felonious where he doubles as emcee/beatboxer. He has shared the stage with Jam Master Jay, LL Cool J, De La Soul, Black Eyed Peas, The Roots, Eryka Badu, Mary J. Blige and Macy Gray among others. 

Joachim Müller-Lancé
graphic designer, Kame Design in San Francisco
Brandon Baunach
Architect, SCB Architects in San Francisco
Amanda Peterson
Namer, Google in San Francisco
Jason Bice
Writer, Adecco (Google) in San Francisco
Paul Clothier
Mobile Learning Specialist in San Francisco
Carlos Aguirre
in San Francisco
Sacha Ostern
Partnership Marketing Manager, Prezi in San Francisco
Christian Talmage
Design Director, River Studios in San Francisco
Stefan Aronsen
Co-Founder, Balanced Breakfast in San Francisco