Past Salt Lake City Event: VOL 16

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VOL 16

October 16, 2015
@ Addictive Behavior Motorworks

Making a little change to our yearly Design Week Pechakucha Night event. Instead of kicking-off the week on a Monday, we're excited to be on the tail-end of the week. Come out on Friday and wrap up an exciting week of all things Design at Pechakucha Night! There is an incredible line-up of presenters ranging from archiecture, graphic design, art, industrial design, urban art, photography, motorcycles, advertising, film. Next to the Beaux Arts Ball on Saturday, it's the perfect way to cap of a week of all things awesome!


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Analog Creation in a Digital World

@ VOL 16 ON OCT 16, 2015

“What you use influences what you create. I say, take that into consideration, try putting down the MacBook, pull out a notebook, and get your Hemingway on.”

In "Analog Creation in a Digital World" from Pechakucha Night Salt Lake City Vol. 16, Writer Tyson Call talks about his appreciation for a typewriter he received as a gift and how it opened up a whole new perspective on the creative process.

Tyson Call
Writer/Photographer in Salt Lake City
Aaron Nelson
in Salt Lake City
Amy Caron
in Salt Lake City
Kortney Greer
in Salt Lake City
David Brooks
in Salt Lake City
Pierre Langue
Principal Architect, Axis Architects in Salt Lake City
D.J. Baxter
in Salt Lake City
Garrett Martin
in Salt Lake City
Patrick Crowley
Entrepreneur, Chapul in Salt Lake City
Alice Toler
Artist/Writer, Catalyst Magazine in Salt Lake City
Robert Gittins
Color specialist and woodworker, Wurth Louis and company in Salt Lake City
Nick Franchi
in Salt Lake City
Jill Canales
in Salt Lake City