Past Tokyo Event: VOL 128

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Faster than Light

@ VOL 128 ON SEP 30, 2015

"Although neutrinos are the smallest particle...they may be the reason the universe exists at all."

In 'Faster than Light" From Tokyo Vol. 128, Particle physicist Euan Richard works at Super-Kamiokande, a particle detector about a kilometre underground in the Gifu Mountains in Japan, studying for the mysterious sub atomic particle, the Neutrino. The Neutrino is fundamental particle meaning it can't be divided into anything anything smaller and exists everywhere in the universe, including a trillion in our own bodies. Very little is know about the particle, but it has been suspected that it has the power to turn anti-matter into matter, preventing the universe from collapsing on itself, thus its properties challenge and inform our current understanding of the universe. In an attempt to continue updating our understanding of the ever expansive universe, Euan and his team push the envelope of science, focused on one of its smallest components.

This was "Presenatiosn of the Day" on Friday October 9th, 2015. 

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Tokyo Creatives' Shared Canvas

@ VOL 128 ON SEP 30, 2015

"One of the things I really wanted to make Canvas for was because I wanted to see and know about more stuff that was happening in Tokyo."

In "Tokyo Creatives' Shared Canvas" from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 128, Tacchi Studio's director Mark McFarlane discusses the motivation behind wanting to make Canvas, a directory and community for Tokyo creatives to gather on and offline. 

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Japanese Sumi Ink and Western art Techniques Merged

@ VOL 128 ON SEP 30, 2015

グローバルに活躍する美術家のサイトウ・ミキ(Miki Saito)さんは、墨と西洋技法を融合させた独特な絵画の世界を創り上げます。現在の作風に至った経緯を作品や活動の紹介を交えながらお話し、今後の創作ビジョンも披露されます。彼女の素敵な作品は必見ですよ!

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Mural Mania

@ VOL 128 ON SEP 30, 2015

"One of the great things about murals is they fill your whole field of vision."

In Mural Mania from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 129, Art writer Nick West takes us on a tour of large-scale public artworks around Tokyo - from a gigantic painting by Okamoto Taro in Shiibuya station to shop shutter murals in Shimokitazawa and everything in between.

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Friday, November 13th, 2015. 

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Hama no Park Caravan

@ VOL 128 ON SEP 30, 2015

「小さな公園革命」を目指し横浜で発足したユニット、ハマのパークキャラバン(Hama no Park Caravan)。ユーモラスな実験と小さな失敗を繰り返し、未来の公園づくりをセルフパワーではじめています。いつもの公園をちょっと素敵な空間に!をモットーに、ユニットメンバーの気鋭建築家の西田司(Osamu Nishida)さん、同じく若手建築家の秋吉浩気(Kohki Akiyoshi)さん、建築学科学生の雨宮渓太(Keita Amamiya)さん、そしてNPO法人代表岡部祥司(Shoji Okabe)さんが活動について披露します!

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Harnessing My Inner Child’s Imagination

@ VOL 128 ON SEP 30, 2015

“I’m always living in the imaginary world of a child, even more so now because of my kids.”

In "Harnessing My Inner Child’s Imagination" from PechaKucha Night Tokyo Vol. 128Roy Husada, co-founder of Rival Schools, a design studio in Vancouver Canada providing UX consulting services for start-ups, shares the story behind making the award-winning Brambleberry Tales, a series of original stories in the form of interactive apps. Blending inspiration from his own children along with the oral stories of the Indigenous People of Pacific Northwest, his team’s goal was to preserve a disappearing oral tradition while making a book both little kids and big kids (like himself) would appreciate.

Bound to catch the imagination of your children, or spark your own inner child, Brambleberry Tales takes interactive story-telling to a whole other level.

This was "Presentation of the Day" on Friday, October 16th, 2015. 

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Manneken Pis in Hamamatsucho Sta.

@ VOL 128 ON SEP 30, 2015


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Dream Logic and Dream Fragments

@ VOL 128 ON SEP 30, 2015

マルチな才能を発揮する田中タニア(Tanya Tanaka)さん。ご自身が撮られているモノクロの重層化された写真を通じた、夢の中で勝手に作った論理とちりじりになった夢の話についてのプレゼンテーション。

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The Future of Making Things

@ VOL 128 ON SEP 30, 2015


Tanya Tanaka
Artist in Tokyo
Nick West
Art Teacher, Genso in Tokyo
Ryu Konno
SuperDeluxe in Tokyo
Mark McFarlane
Director, Tacchi Studios in Tokyo
Shinobu Machida
Collector 庶民文化探求家 in Tokyo
Roy Husada
Startup UX Consultant & UI Specialist, Rival Schools in Tokyo
Euan Richard
Particle physicist, The Institute for Cosmic Ray Research in Tokyo
Yutaka Shiozawa
3D evangelist, Autodesk, Inc. in Tokyo
Miki Saito
Visual Artist in Tokyo
Osamu Nishida
Architect, Founder of ondesign, ondesign in Tokyo
Shoji Okabe
Representative, NPO Hamanotoudai
Keita Amamiya
Student, 横浜国立大学大学院