Past Markham Event: VOL 8

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September 25, 2015
@ Markham Village Library

Connect with Markham’s creative communities at PechaKucha Markham! We know what you’re asking: What is a PechaKucha? PechaKucha (the Japanese word for chit-chat) is not your typical slide show: presenters share their ideas in 20 slides x 20 seconds each, no exceptions.

The Markham Public Library and the Varley Art Gallery have partnered to host Markham’s PechaKucha nights, featuring 8 artists, thinkers and innovators from Markham and beyond.

Admission is free with a $2 suggested donation but you'll need to get your tickets at available as of September 1.

Grab a glass of beer or wine (cash bar), and enjoy complimentary appetizers and music. Stick around for the Post-PK party for more meeting and mingling!

Refreshments provided by local fine food stores and restaurants.  

PK Mix presented by Markham Arts Council.

Live music presented by Creativity through Arts youth council.

Event support by Blossoms and Bloom (Phoebe Lo Events)

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The Art & Science of Connection

@ VOL 8 ON SEP 25, 2015

Canada’s Passion Coach®, Eryn-Faye Frans, creates space for meaningful conversations about sexual intimacy through speaking, writing and personal coaching and feels that one of our biggest secrets is that we are lonely. Listen in to learn the simple steps to connect with your partner and others.

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Sewing Secrets

@ VOL 8 ON SEP 25, 2015

Anya Baker used to sew instead of socializing but now does both. As an emerging museum professional with an interest in textiles and fashion history, she talks about how sewing helped her from coming apart from the seams - and makes her look good too!

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Painting, Sculpting, and Singing in Code

@ VOL 8 ON SEP 25, 2015

"Technology is so woven into the fabric of society that we cant't imagine a world without it."

In Painting, Sculpting, and Singing in Code from PechaKucha Night Markham Vol. 8, David Guida and Sarah Naqvi passionately share their experiences in coding and the direction they see it heading in the future.

David and Sarah are thinkers, creators, and leaders in a medley of grassroots organizations that promote tech awareness for the youth of their community.

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Playing Around: cultivating creativity in kids

@ VOL 8 ON SEP 25, 2015

Linda McIntosh is award-winning mixed-media collage artist exhibiting in Canada + Europe and is an active member of the Markham Group of Artists as Coordinator for collaborative art projects in the community. Her presentation talks about how important it is to cultivate curiosity and creativity with children from a young age. 

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Brand it like you mean it

@ VOL 8 ON SEP 25, 2015

Paul Xu is a student at the University of Toronto, a self proclaimed designer and all around keener. Founding Studio 90 Designs to create designs for businesses and organizations around York Region, he wants to inspire everyone to consider why strong branding of your business and services is so vital to success. 

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The Heart's Territory

@ VOL 8 ON SEP 25, 2015

Sheniz Janmohamed is an artist educator, spoken word artist and the author of two collections of poetry: Bleeding Light and Firesmoke (Mawenzi House). When she's not facilitating writing workshops, she's drinking coffee and pretending to write. Her talk investigates where the borders of belonging begin and end? What is the inner landscape of one's heart? Is home a place or a journey? 

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Instigating a Community

@ VOL 8 ON SEP 25, 2015

"We love that warm fuzzy feeling of being together."

In Instigating a Community  from PechaKucha Night Markham Vol. 8RJ Juneau, a scout Leader, founder of Maxxian, and instigator of y-lab maker group discusses how despite the claim from many that the internet obviates the need people to get together, in reality it allows us to build new communities faster than ever before.

Linda McIntosh
Visual Artist / Art Educator in Markham
R.J. Juneau
Tech entrepreneur and Curmudgeon, Maxxian in Markham
Anya Baker
Amateur Seamstress in Markham
Paul Xu
Designer, Studio 90 Design in Markham
Eryn-Faye Frans
Canada’s Passion Coach® in Toronto
David Guida & Sarah Naqvi Sarah Naqvi
Directors of Education, Sparked in Markham
Puneet Dutt
Content Specialist/Writer/Poet, in Markham