Past Atlanta Event: VOL 25

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VOL 25

August 09, 2015
@ Octane - Grant Park

PechaKucha Night Atlanta VOLUME 25! 

PKN ATL is celebrating its 25th night of engaging presentations and we'd like you to join us!! Mark your calendar, save the date, make a plan to have no other plans! 

Vol. 25 will be a delightful mix of new presenters and presentations as well as a couple of alumni presenters! The infamous Kyle Torok will be our fearless emcee for the evening and, as always, there will be buttons. And maybe party hats! Done a hat and a button, listen to presentations starting at 7pm, grab a beverage from the baristas, and schmooze all night! 

New to PKN ATL is the required minimum donation of $1.00, 100% of which is used to support the PechaKucha Global Fund, to help support the continuation and growth of the program.

We're also still recruiting presenters for our future PechaKucha Nights! If you would like to sign up, email us at As always, PechaKucha is uncensored and unjuried. You don't need to meet any qualifications to present, you just need to sign up!

If you haven't heard of this global yet unpronounceable phenomenon, PechaKucha is a format for sharing ideas in which presenters are allotted 20 slides and 20 seconds per slide. Simply put: it's 6 minutes and 40 seconds of show and tell for grown-ups. It began in Tokyo in 2003, has since spread to over 780 cities worldwide, and first landed in Providence in March of 2009. To the best of our knowledge, Providence is the only chapter in the entire world that hosts a PKN every month of the year.


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Why I Run: An Ultramarathon Runner's View

@ VOL 25 ON AUG 09, 2015

Presenter Brian Montero runs. A lot. More than you do, ever, most likely. For him it was a process of stripping away all that does not matter and finding peace in the extreme distance running adventure he finds himself embarking on.

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Art As Record

@ VOL 25 ON AUG 09, 2015

Catherine Moore is an illustrator and keeper of memories, it turns out. Listen as Moore talks about the various methods employed, even if accidentally, to retain a record, how that record is maintained, and what might happen with that record.

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Civic Play: Skeletons, Gnomes, & The Atlanta Beltline Latern Parade

@ VOL 25 ON AUG 09, 2015

Chantelle Rytter came back to ATL from New Orleans and found she saw a need for something here in ATL... Civic play! So she up and started and "krewe" and fabricated a few silly but large puppets and the first Latern Parade was begun. Listen as Rytter talks us through the start of this new annual staple of fun here in the ATL!

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Cities of Purpose: A Civic Dinner Party Project

@ VOL 25 ON AUG 09, 2015

Jenn Graham moved to the big city and roomed with a group of individuals who discussed civics and politics et al over delicious dinner. This gave her an idea- what if you put doers in a room, add delicious dinner, mix, and see what happens. Out of this experiment came Cities of Purpose and it is incredible. Listen as Graham speaks of how it started, where it is, and what is growing out of this simple program!

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An Introvert Dips Her Toe in the Extrovert Pond

@ VOL 25 ON AUG 09, 2015

Kellie Jones is an introvert. Yes yes, Myers-Briggs and all that, but she really is. However, just for a time, she decided to try out the extrovert thing and so she signed up for improve comedy classes. Listen as Jones tells of her travails down the extrovert path!

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Change and the Safety of Insanity

@ VOL 25 ON AUG 09, 2015

Kristin McDonald speaks of how change can be scary but that it is absolitely needed if you are to grow. Do you recall Blockbuster Video? Maybe? Where are they now? Did they embrace change or did they decide to ride the Usual Wave? Listen as McDonald speaks about the need for change!

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How Do I Draw That?

@ VOL 25 ON AUG 09, 2015

Yamen Elgamel was in town visiting and stepped up to speak about how his artistic and illustration voice / style has evolved through the years. Tune in as Elgamel speaks to loving the Ninja Turtles, Michael Jackson, illustration, and utilizing all of these to find his personal style.

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A Few Things I've Learned About Online Dating

@ VOL 25 ON AUG 09, 2015

"Gentlemen, learn how to have a good conversations...[It's] like a tennis match. It's back and forth?"

In A Few Things I've Learned About Online Dating from PechaKucha Night Atlanta Vol. 25Shannon Turner takes the mic with some advice for the fellas out there who might be prowling the interwebs looking for love. Profile photos, balancing weird against honest, what not to do's, etc. Listen as Shannon brings her wisdom to this sometime murky place called "online love" and perhaps come away with some dropped knowledge, like this nugget: "Gentlemen, learn how to have a good conversations...[It's] like a tennis match. It's back and forth."

This was "PechaKucha of the Day" on Thursday, December 3rd, 2015. 

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Still Hustling

@ VOL 25 ON AUG 09, 2015

Scott Fuller is a graphic designer & PKN ATL alum, back to give an inspirational update! Things are moving along for Scott and his update includes some much welcomed support for all folks out there making It happen, whatever the "It" is! Check out his 2nd presentation with us here in ATL and check out some of his great design work along the way! 

Kellie Jones
Product Management, Ultimate Software in Atlanta
Scott Fuller
Graphic Designer, The Studio Temporary in Acworth
Jenn Graham
Social Innovation Designer, Aha! Strategy in Atlanta
Kyle Torok
Legal Assistant in Atlanta
Catherine A. Moore
Illustrator/Professor, Georgia Gwinnett College in Decatur
Emeline Renz
badass in Atlanta
Shannon Turner
arts administrator, CORE in Atlanta
Chantelle Rytter
Community Parade Artist, Chantelle Rytter Projects in Atlanta
Brian Montero
Librarian/Media Specialist, Grady High School in Atlanta
Kristin McDonald
Global Engagement & Workplace Culture, Coca-Cola in Atlanta
Yamen Elgamal
Illustrator, Freelance in Cairo