Past Jackson, MS Event: VOL 8

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August 13, 2015
@ Hal and Mals

PechaKucha Night Jackson is a venue for members of the community to present their ideas, passions, and projects in a casual atmosphere.

Join us at Hal and Mal's on August 13th. 

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The Intersection of Architecture and Wool

@ VOL 8 ON AUG 13, 2015

By day, Pamela Leonard uses colored pencils and models in her life as an architect, creating buildings and spaces for habitation and wonder. By night, yarn and watercolors become the materials by which rich structures for warmth and joy are created at her hand. A graduate of Mississippi State University School of Architecture, and a practicing Architect, Pamela always looks for the intersection of the physical and the spiritual in her work, day and night. Join her as she intersects architecture and wool.

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Space- Positive and Negative

@ VOL 8 ON AUG 13, 2015

Lantz Kuykendall explores our perception of space through images describing positive and negative space; solid and void; as it relates to architecture.

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Shoestring Touring

@ VOL 8 ON AUG 13, 2015

Cody Cox shares his experiences on the road, the unglamous aspects, and what's important.

Cody's music can be found here:

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Seeing Life Through The Lens

@ VOL 8 ON AUG 13, 2015

Leaving no stone unturned (and no leaf for that matter), Charlene Dunaway has always had a knack for finding the hidden gems in the world around her. A splash of color, a flash of light, or an unusual shadow will stop her in her tracks, igniting her sense of curiosity and leading her down a lesser travelled path to a new discovery. No subject can be called ordinary or mundane once Charlene lays her eyes on it. Though finding her passion later in life, she has always looked upon her world with wonder and is excited to share it with anyone willing to see.

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@ VOL 8 ON AUG 13, 2015

Phil McDade gives a humorous presentation on the tendency to go a little too far with pruning one of Jackson's favorite trees, the crape myrtle. As only a landscape architect can, he brings the madness to light. Come visit with Phil and hear his “porch philosophy” and thoughts about why crape myrtle trees are fine just as they are!

Lantz Kuykendall
Architect, McCarty Architectrs in Jackson, Mississippi
Charlene Dunaway
Photographer, Bella Vista Photography in Jackson, Mississippi
Cody Cox
Musician in Jackson, MS
Phil McDade
Landscape Architect, Weatherford/ McDade, Ltd. Planning Consultants * Landscape Architects in Jackson, MS
Pamela Leonard
Architect in Jackson, MS
Nick Wallace
Chef in Jackson, MS
Wyatt Waters
Artist in Clinton, MS