Past Portland OR Event: VOL 16

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VOL 16

May 27, 2015
@ Holocene

This PechaKucha Night celebrates and explores Creative Inspiration. Rather than asking people to share their passions, this time we’re asking some of Portland’s most creative minds to specifically reveal from where they receive the inspiration to fuel the passion they have for their work.  Please join us for what is sure to be an intriguing evening.

Presenters include: Adam Davis, Oregon Humanities / Michelle LaFoe, Office 52 / Lars Toplemann, Lars Toplemann Photography / Doug Lowell, Portland State University / Billie Goldman, Intel / Tim Sproul, Newported / Ramzy Farouki, Handbuilt Collective / Natalie Sept, Painter / Jamie Mustard, The Iconist

Doors at 6:00pm / Show at 6:30pm.

The show is free but space is limited.  Please be sure to register at:

Sponsored by: Holocene / Lucid Dog Training / Holst Architecture / Sockeye / Levi Sim

PechaKucha Night (also called PKN) is a global event series that is dedicated to PechaKucha-style presentations on various topics. Conceived in Tokyo in 2003 by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham architecture as a way to bring the local design community together, there are now over 700 PechaKucha Nights around the globe. 

Roughly translated to mean "the sound of conversation” in Japanese, a PechaKucha is a presentation where speakers are allotted 20 slides to share their thoughts and ideas on a selected topic. Slides are 20 seconds each, changing whether the presenter is ready or not, for a total presentation time of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. The specificity of a PechaKucha keeps presenters and audience members focused, and gives more people the opportunity to participate.

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Provocation & Inspiration

@ VOL 16 ON MAY 27, 2015

Adam Davis reflects on the provocation and Inspiration. How does our human nature affect desionsons, actions, daily life. At the end of the day, how do we become who we want to be in the world.

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@ VOL 16 ON MAY 27, 2015

Ben Jacobsen relects on nature and community. From the comradity in his home city of Portland, to the awe-inspiring scenes of nature all around, there is a lot to draw inspiration from. 

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The Crab

@ VOL 16 ON MAY 27, 2015

In this introspective presentation from Portland, Doug Lowell recolects on a family member's diagnosis of cancer. Speaking about interconectedness, Life's cycle, and those who consume and those who are consumed, he explanes how the devistating emotional blow pruved to be the inspiration for his work. 

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My Parents

@ VOL 16 ON MAY 27, 2015

Speaker reflects on the theme of 'Creative Inspiration' gathering insight and interpretation from reflections on work, life and personal experiences. 

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Cities, Environments, Details

@ VOL 16 ON MAY 27, 2015

Speaker Michelle LaFoe speaks on her inspirations. She explanes how form, pattern, and color come togeather to enhance cities, textures, projects, all around the world and creating breathaking works.

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@ VOL 16 ON MAY 27, 2015

Dwelling on forgotten laborers, worker-inspired pieces, and personal projects, Portland photographer Natalie Sept muses on imperfections and the often overlooked beauty in the world around us.

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Inspiration: Speaking the Passed Torch

@ VOL 16 ON MAY 27, 2015

Ramzy Farouki reflects on the theme of 'Creative Inspiration' gathering insight and interpretation from reflections on work, life and personal experiences. 

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Finding Inspiration in Place

@ VOL 16 ON MAY 27, 2015

Presenter Tim  Sproul reflects on the theme of 'Creative Inspiration' gathering insight and interpretation from reflections on work, life and personal experiences. 

Lars Topelmann
Photographer, self in Portland
Michelle LaFoe
Architect, Designer & Artist, OFFICE 52 Architecture in Portland
Ramzy Farouki
Architect in Training , Self / Gary Moye Architect / Sauvie Island Farm in Portland
Damian Magista
Founder of Bee Local, N/A in Portland
Tim Sproul
Poet/Creative in Portland, Oregon