Past Nantes Event: VOL 10

Thumb 11 mademoiselle maurice

Paper - Rainbow and Cities

@ VOL 10 ON JUL 01, 2015

" Everything is about Nature. Everything is about Human. The interactions between them. Bring the Nature inside the grey cities. Bring the hope in the hearth of the men. Tomorrow can be better if we want it. Love, Peace, Humanity, Solidarity and Protection of our earth. We belong to her, She doesn't belong to us." Mademoiselle Maurice {In French}
Thumb 10 sofgui lepenher

"Please Touch" Connected Art

@ VOL 10 ON JUL 01, 2015

"To us there seemed to be an obvious link between the transparent surfaces of interactive technology, omnipresent in our lives, and the tactile nature of our glass wood art pieces.

Just as interactive technology requires the human touch to activate, what if our sculpture responded to the human touch?  Could we fuse these two notions--a traditional art form and interactive technology--while maintaining aesthetic integrity and technical functionality? Our idea for a tactile and interactive installation was born." Sophie et Guillaume Le Penher


Thumb 18 lola mahieu

Urban Folding Bench - Concept to Prototype

@ VOL 10 ON JUL 01, 2015

It is during a master project semester about design that Lola Mahieu, an architecture student, is working about the concept of unfolding the ground. After making a scenography that is coming out the ground, she participates to the call of projects « Lyon City Design 2015 » and she comes up with a folding urban bench. It was conceptualized to replace the retractable bollards and allow the modularity of urban spaces. She is one of the winners and she received a three thousand euro prize to build a prototype that would be exhibited in Lyon city less than a year later. In her speech she evokes the difficulty she finds partnering with manufacturer and urban developers ready to innovate. She also explains what she gained in this experience as an architect beginner. {In French}

Thumb 10a pierre thibault

Rock’n Paper

@ VOL 10 ON JUL 01, 2015

Pat, a young graphic designer, worked in multiple mediums before deciding to specialize on paper art. He designs and executes musical instruments with papercraft and packaging technics. In the cold digital age he attempts to bring human sensitivity and humor with his creations made in paper. {In French}
Thumb 06 fabien vehlmann

The Peanuts Theory

@ VOL 10 ON JUL 01, 2015

"As I'm often asked about how I find my ideas, I finally decided to write down my own vision of the creation process, which I called "The Peanut theory", because it talks about peanuts lost in space and colliding each others... Thanks to that beautiful theory, everything will become cristal clear to you, folks !" Fabien Vehlmann

Thumb 08 alexandre ciancio


@ VOL 10 ON JUL 01, 2015

Architect and artist Ciancio Alexandre gives a second chance to old photographs. He collects forgiven clichés with no known history and transforms them into brand new collages. On one hand he mixes up pictures in a realistic way to confuse spectators and create unexpected scenes and situations. On another hand he uses illustration and colors to highlight particular moments and characters of the original photoss. More than a graphic work, he tries to evoke and create new stories, new emotions. {In French} 

Thumb 01 natachazaranis

Maybe Memories

@ VOL 10 ON JUL 01, 2015

Natacha Zaranis, art photographer, introduces her work to PechaKucha. Her artistic process involves bodies, portraits and landscapes which embody moments of her life leading to the universality of what they represent. She tells stories of a fantasized reality, which may sometimes seem strangely down to earth. Despite their apparent softness and spontaneous aestheticism, her pictures can be unsettling: far from being innocent, they reveal an underlying concern about absence and the idea that a shift can happen at any time. {In French}
Thumb 19 antoinebaubau

La Subtile : Industrial French Flair!

@ VOL 10 ON JUL 01, 2015

Antoine Baubau is cofounder of the brand La Subtile with 3 other thirty-years old men from Rennes, Britanny, France.

La Subtile is the meeting of four complementary interests with one shared ambition and infinite energy, uniting their collective goal of taking an active part in the world of today and tomorrow and of living intensely.

La Subtile choreographs contemporary objects that come to fruition in the brand's creative inspiration and specific interests. La Subtile is helping to reinvent industrial creativity with a French style by stimulating the local economic dynamism. Through a family photography, Antoine expose the genesis and the spirit of the project.

Thumb 12damienlabrousse

The Legodrome

@ VOL 10 ON JUL 01, 2015

How I travelled through space with ships made of lego bricks : A short history of a sci-fi oriented AFOL (adult-fan-of-lego). By Damien Labrousse

Thumb les 20explonautes 20 4

The Explonauts Open Up the Way

@ VOL 10 ON JUL 01, 2015

"Pecha Kucha is the first time we wander around without walking. We would like to share our exploration experience. The Explonauts are a moving group of people, who get together to discover territories they would never cross spontaneously. Through our explorations we aim to create an imaginary geography, thereby building and intensifying collectively the perception of our nearby environments. The urban and suburban explorations are public rituals, which aim to question the development of the territories we discover. But they also seek to reconsider the act of walking and build a space where to meet others in and on a new way … Topo 10, Between the lines, Decrescendo…are the three headlines of our last experiences. For the near future we would like to play with the walk itself: getting blind, being led by mathematics,... first intuitions we want to feed with your ideas.

We generally use microphone to take the pulse of the territories we cross, but this time we will try to take you along, to inspire you, and create an explosion of Explonauts in the very heart of you." Les Explonautes
Le Penher Sophie et Guillaume
Wood and glass designer-makers in REZE
Mahieu Lola
Pierre-Alain Thibault
Graphic designer /// paper artist, independant /// Pat in Nantes
Ciancio Alexandre
Architect and artist in Nantes
Zaranis Natacha
Photographie in Nantes