Past Williamsburg Event: VOL 12

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The Internet is Having a Good Laugh

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 23, 2015

Dale Weiss has strong evidence the internet has become self-aware. Mark Zuckerberg is no longer in control of your Facebook news feed. However, contrary to popular science fiction predictions, the internet just wants to have a good laugh with us humans.

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Cuban Life in Hoguin

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 23, 2015

On the dawn of Cuba re-opening relations with America, Bob Oller has had the rare chance to visit there and experience first hand the people of a nation that has developed without the American influence.

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Get Your Grit

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 23, 2015

What is grit? How do you get grit? What do you do with grit if you got it? Stephanie Paul might not have the answers that are right for you, but she can help you find your own answers.

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Abstractions: Photos and Prose

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 23, 2015

Tom Green takes photographs and manipulates and distorts them into abstract works. Abi Schumann is a poet. As collaborators they join the images with the prose, sometimes working from the image first, and sometimes working from the poem. How would you interpret the images into words, or imagine the visual expression of the words?

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The Art & Culture of Book Covers

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 23, 2015

Do you judge a book by its cover? It's okay, most everyone does. That's why publishers put so much into book cover design. As both a publisher and an author, Greg Lilly tries to find that perfect balance between just enough to interest you, and too much clutter to pick it up.

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A Theory on Doodling

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 23, 2015

Pam Woodson finds herself drawn to doodling in a couple of very specific situations. Not considering herself as an "artist", she initially used doodling as a door to create art without expectations. Pam found her path to becoming an artist. Through Pam's doodling research, we could all learn self-improvement through doodling.

This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 3rd, 2017. 

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Love Williamsburg

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 23, 2015

Terry Buntrock loves the arts. Terry loves her job. I't not a hard job to love, being the arts coordinator for Williamsburg. Terry loves Williamsburg. But what is it to love a place like this? Let Terry tell you how, because there is so much to love here.

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Going To My Happy Place: Libraries I Have Loved

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 23, 2015

"This is Google before the Internet."

In Going To My Happy Place: Libraries I Have Loved from Williamsburg Vol. 12, book lover and teacher, Amy Anderson shares her love for libraries and all the activities that surround them. Instilled with a love for reading at a young age, armed with her first library card at age 4, she found herself spending much of her youth lost in the often forgotten magic in libraries. As "Temples of knowledge" she reminds us how rich an experience visiting a library can be. 

Check it out! 

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Microbial Ecology - Phages and Human Health

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 23, 2015

Inigo Walker Howlett came down sick (we suspect a virus) and couldn't make his presentation. As is our tradition in Williamsburg, we roll the slides anyway and ask a volunteer to improv along. This evening we got the husband and wife team of Natalie Miller-Moore and Daniel Moore to impersonate Inigo in a most entertaning way.

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The Big O

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 23, 2015

This presentation completes a trilogy for Tirza Shelton. In her first PK she empowered us to take it off and reveal our true selves in The Naked Truth. The we conquered our fears in The F Word. Now that we are naked and fearless we can accomplish the ultimate human experience in The Big O.

Dale Weiss
Architect, GuernseyTingle in Williamsburg, Virginia
Abi Schumann
writer in Williamsburg, Virginia
Stephanie Paul
in Richmond
Greg Lilly
writer in Williamsburg, Virginia
Pam Woodson
Repurposed, Self in Williamsburg
Terry Buntrock
Arts Coordinator for Williamsburg Region, City of Williamsburg, James City County, York County VA in Williamsburg
Bob Oller
artist / illustrator, Oller Studioos in Willaimsburg
Amy Anderson
Legal Studies Professor in Williamsburg
Inigo Walker Howlett
Biologist in Montross, VA
Thomas Edward Green
Photographer in Williamsburg, Virginia