Past Blue Mountains Event: VOL 12

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VOL 12

May 20, 2015
@ The Carrington

PechaKucha Blue Mountains is happy to have been part of The Blue Mountains Creative Industries Cluster - Blue Lab: Creative Industries Symposium, on May 20-21.

It featured big-picture discussions, focused workshops and creative happenings, and informed, inspired and connected participants from the creative industries in the Blue Mountains with the audiece like never before in the Katoomba.

Check out what the evening was like here - thanks to Photography by Brigitte Grant:

Be sure to come to our next event on July 31.

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Lights, Camera, Projection

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 20, 2015

Story telling on the wall.

Illuminart are best known for our Architectural Storytelling form of projection art, combining large scale mapped projection onto architecture with animated audiovisual narratives. Other accomplishments include interactive projections and sculptures that generate music from movement, sneaky and fun guerilla projections and street activations, and collaborative hybrid media projects to develop innovative forms of luminous artistry that enliven theatre, creative events and urban spaces.

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Conscious Investigations

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 20, 2015

' Into/Out of ' or 'balance . . . '

AV piece created at WEST project space, Blue Mountains, Australia.

'Into/Out of' or 'b a l a n c e . . .' takes from physical endurance practices a life lesson of leaning into the pain, into the posture; easing into what is difficult as well as out of what is rigid and no longer efficient or worth nurturing.

Theoretically this implies not giving-in to the 'always-already tragedy', and instead attempting to steadily remain in the in-between space, where we are constantly moving 'into' and 'out of' moments (in our minds and in real-physical-space).

Though this may be an impossibility, it yields momentary escape and thus possibility, until we fall again. But we seekers, always keep trying against all odds hoping to break through as underdogs – don't we?

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Our food source - local or industrial

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 20, 2015

We are what we eat...

In our business we work with local farmers from the Hawkesbury area and if possible, with local organic fruit and vegetables. The products are sourced locally and are fair trade. 

We use as less package as we can, so we reuse everything, we don’t buy anything that is made outside of Australia and we recycle as much as we can, so that the product we deliver to you has low environmental impact, low food miles and a lot of character!

Aaron was born on an organic blueberry farm that we still get produce from on occasion. He spent a big part of his youth being dragged to the Richmond community garden (Earthcare) and around NSW with his dad certifying Organic farms. As soon as he was 18 he hit the road for 7 years and visited over 60 countries on 4 different continents. He is now back and dedicated to providing a framework for a local food system to work.

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My secret secret

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 20, 2015

A collection of Unicorns like no other, Jenny-Lee shares with us her secret collection of unicorns - and we were the first to see it.

How wonderful - a unique collection of small, fragile, and completely collectible ornaments that are made for dreamers and believers. 

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Watershed Moments

@ VOL 12 ON MAY 20, 2015

Roger Corbett's band and his culture. No more confirming to mum and dad's ideals. His music career that spands over 40 years - the Bushwackers and the goodlife since joining the band in 1979. 

Cindi Drennan
Artist, Technologist, Social Entrepreneur, illuminart in LOTS of places
Jenny-Lee Heylen
Author, Self-employed in Lawson - Blue Mountains
Craig Laurendet
Projection mapping specialist, Illuminart in Blue Mountinas
Janelle Randall-Court
Artistic Director, Treasure's Collective
Abi Tariq
Artist/Student in Paris
Roger Corbett
Musician/Producer, Self in Springwood
Aaron Brocken
Owner/Operator , Harvest Hampers in Kurrajong Heights