Past Bozeman Event: VOL 13

Large wide valley

VOL 13

November 12, 2014
@ The Ellen Theatre

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Rediscovering Familiar Subjects

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 12, 2014

Pete Kelsey - Pete is a strategic projects exec at Autodesk and he uses technologies (LIDAR, photogrammetry, laser scanner, others) to see things and places in new ways. He has digitally preserved moai on Easter Island and is working on creating a digital model of the USS Arizona wreck at Pearl Harbor. The technologies are also used to better monitor coral reefs, and preserve great artifacts. 

"Presentation of the Day" on March 12, 2015.

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My Love Affair With Main Street

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 12, 2014

PechaKucha Night Bozeman organizer Larry Sterne shares with us numerous reasons he's fallen in love with his town. Find out why he plans to live his last days in Bozeman, and why the citizens of this fantastic town have made it their conscious choice to reside there.

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How to Replace the Toilet Paper

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 12, 2014

David O'Connor grew up in a family of seven in a three-bedroom, one-bath home (his first introduction to the challenges of shared living space). He later learned that there are rules, the right way to reseal a bag of bread, which way the silverware goes in the dishwasher, among others. Here David shares with us authoritative answers on all the household topics that drive people crazy.


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Opera in Bozeman? You Must Be Joking

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 12, 2014

Years ago Richard Wolff began his work with Intermountain Opera with a walk-on part that he had to be talked in to. Since then he has performed three additional walk-on parts, a speaking role and now serves on the Board. He describes the history of opera in Bozeman, and their current community involvement.

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How We Are Going to Change the World Together

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 12, 2014

Justin Ailport, Montana State University student, talks about lessons learned growing up in a small town, and what he learned about human relationships while volunteering to help a 24-year old get elected to office in Montana. Dreams change the world and they can be achieved with others.

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Spying on the Wild

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 12, 2014

Conservationist Phil Knight talks about using photography and camera traps to capture photos of elusive wildlife in nature, including bobcat, bear, elk moose. Using cameras in the wild as a type of 'Candid Camera for wildlife' also helps conservations learn by tracking animals at night, such as discovering a mule deer migration no one knew about before.

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Magenta Lamb's Quarters: A Gardener's Emissary

@ VOL 13 ON NOV 12, 2014

Jessica Soza talks about her favorite plant, Magenta Lamb's Quarters, a relative of the beet and quinoa family. Jessica poetically describes using this plant as a harbinger of spring, as ground cover, as greens in salads, as seeds for birds. She also shares how gardening is about cultivation, connection between soil, plants, bugs and people - and the awe she has found by working in small scale gardens.

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