Past Chennai Event: VOL 6

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Graphic Expression

@ VOL 6 ON MAR 07, 2015

We are Riba and Simran, an eccentric pair of design junkies. We're graphic designers, artists, bad karaoke singers, serial shopaholics and best friends. We're hooked on all things Adobe. Concocting unique, special designs to match your needs gives us a happy high! We love being art nerds. We love tackling challenges. We love seeing the "this is it" expression.

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If Fonts were Celebrities

@ VOL 6 ON MAR 07, 2015

Pavithra Ramanujam is a sucker for bright colours, bezier curves, smooth gradients and crisp jalebis. They serve as my muse as I design keynotes, prezi’s, visual interfaces and cool icons at work. Her latest obsession: lettering and stitching -- and comparing fonts to the rich and famous.

"Presentation of the Day" on April 27, 2015.

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UI for Typography Design

@ VOL 6 ON MAR 07, 2015

KS Sreeram is the CEO of Clay Labs (
Clay Labs is a boutique software design studio specializing in two areas:
- High Performance Servers.
- AI and Machine Learning.
The following is brief background information in chronological order:
2000 to 2006
KS Sreeram completed his B.Tech in CS at IIT madras in 2000.
Right after college, he co-founded Tachyon Technologies. Tachyon provided high-end technology services.
In the folllowing years, he led the development of several specialized netorking software for Sify.
KS Sreeram designed and developed CSpace a highly secure communication software. In later years, the NSA and
FBI have identified CSpace as one of four technologies that impedes surveillance.
2006 to 2009
In the year 2006, Tachyon launched Quillpad, the first intelligent transliteration technology for Indian languages.
KS Sreeram designed and developed a web-based word-processor for Indian Languages based on Quillpad.
Quillpad technology was licensed by a number of high-profile companies in India -, OnMobile,,,,, and others.
2009 to 2011
In 2009–2010, KS Sreeram created the Clay Programming Language, the first programming language that is
designed for the Generic Programming paradigm.
The Clay language achieved 100% the same performance as C/C++ while being as concise as scripting languages
like Python and Javascript.
This was due to a novel technique for whole-program type propagation.
2011 to present
In 2011, KS Sreeram founded Clay Labs to design and develop end-to-end product systems.
The vision for Clay Labs is to reduce the grunt work involved in building software systems through the design anddevelopment of better programming languages and other tools. Clay Labs has helped build several high-profile products in recent years: A world-class SAAS product in the customer support space. A high-performance caching server combined with best-in-class search interface for busticket booking.
Telekonnectors: A state-of-the-art telephony conference bridge which has both high-performance and high scalability. The system can handle >8000 simultaneous phone calls on a single machine. The cluster system can scale to 100k simultaneous calls.

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Architects & Typography

@ VOL 6 ON MAR 07, 2015

Tahaer is an architect urban designer with an interest in graphics and multi-faceted design. His work experience as an architect/ tour guide/ site worker in New York City gave him a set palette of skills to start work “On Our Own”. He is Partner and Principal Designer at Triple O Studio, a young Chennai-based design studio. ( )

Tahaer Zoyab
in Chennai
Riba Haroon
in Chennai
Simran Nichani
in Chennai
KS Sreeram
Software Maker, Clay Labs in Chennai
Pavithra Ramanujam
Graphic Designer in Chennai