Past Christchurch Event: VOL 22

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VOL 22

February 11, 2015
@ Albion Square

PechaKucha Night Lyttelton

We are teaming up with Project Lyttelton to bring PechaKucha Night to the Lyttelton Summer Festival.

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Book out 11th of February because you have a date with the portside beauty of Lyttelton! 

We are super excited to invite you through the tunnel (or maybe on home turf?) for our next PechaKucha Night as part of the Lyttelton Summer Festival.

This event is part of a great 10 day line up thanks for Project Lyttleton. Check out their full programme.

PKN LYT falls on a Wednesday night (rain day Sunday 15th) in the new Albion Square on the corner of London and Canterbury Streets, Lyttelton. 

-BYO cushion or camp chair and jackets/ blankets as we'll be outside.
-First come first serve for seating space.
-Please be considerate to local residents when parking around the town. 

All speakers are connected to Lyttelton, though the topics will be varied as always. 

The line up is as follows:


Margaret Jefferies // Community Activist with Project Lyttelton // on a Chosen Future

Giulio Sturla // chef and forager// on the positive food dream: now a reality

Tim Taylor // sustainability advisor // on creating a complementary currency for Christchurch

Justyn Strother // adventuer, layabout and appreciator// on the Supper Club project



José Gómez // artist & philosopher // on the essence of life

Annette Williams // librarian //on the Subversive Duck: an exploration of positive anarchy and subversion in children's picture books

Trent Hiles // project coordinator // on new pilgrims see opportunity

Rushani Bowman // cook and food enthusiast// on Cake for Greatness

Musical entertainment provided by Lyttelton's Luckless starts at 7.30pm and as always PechaKuchas will kick off at 8.20pm. 

There will be exciting food option from local vendors will be available as well as a cash bar operating on site fundraising for Project Lyttelton. 

While entry is free, we ask you to bring a koha for the bands and volunteer costs. 

Thanks to Die Popular for our poster.

PechaKucha Nights are devised and shared by Klein Dytham Architecture.

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The Positive Food Dream: Now a Reality

@ VOL 22 ON FEB 11, 2015

Giulio Sturla, a chef of Roots Restaurant, in Lyttelton, New Zealand, talks about the connection between nature and food. By understanding nature better, people will get a greater understand and appreciation for food. 

This was "Presentation of the Day" on June 14th, 2017. 

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A Chosen Future

@ VOL 22 ON FEB 11, 2015

Margaret Jefferies speaks how everything in the world is interconnected to each other. Every negative or positive choices can change our world in a very influential way. She explores a way to positively change the world through our communities.

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Cake for Greatness

@ VOL 22 ON FEB 11, 2015

Rushani Bowman shows kindness to her friends and community by baking them cakes. She is making  the world a better place one cake at a time. 

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The Supper Club Project

@ VOL 22 ON FEB 11, 2015

“Open up the doors, cook, let strangers come — this is the only way we can ward off ruin.”

Justin Strother tells a story of moving to the bottom of the world. She speaks about her journey to find a place to live in the little town of Lyttleton, New Zealand and her food and warmth-filled path to finding a cure to loneliness.

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Complimentary Currency

@ VOL 22 ON FEB 11, 2015

Tim Taylor talks about the benefits and reward of complimentary currency and the negative side effect of national currency. Complimentary currency is a voucher meant to be used as a complement to another at a local level.

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New Pilgrims See Opportunity

@ VOL 22 ON FEB 11, 2015

Local artist and community activist Trent Hiles instroduces past, present and future community art initiatives, in Habour Basin, Lyttelton, New Zealand.

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The Essence of Life

@ VOL 22 ON FEB 11, 2015

Artist and philosopher Jose Gomez explains the essence of life through his artworks and other artworks that inspire him.

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The Subversive Duck

@ VOL 22 ON FEB 11, 2015

Librarian Annette Williams reveals the subversive duck, lurking in a children's book near you!

Jose Gomez
in Lyttelton
Rushani Bowman
in Lyttelton
Tim Taylor
Managing Director in Christchurch
Guilio Sturla
in Lyttelton
Justyn Denney
in Lyttelton