Past Toronto Event: VOL 32

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In Living Colour

@ VOL 32 ON JAN 20, 2015

We are closed off from the world when we are in our own comfort zone/natural environment; thus, traveling helps us to see the world in a new light. In this presentation, Alex Hugh shares how traveling helps us to open our eyes to the unknown and expand our perceptions with vibrant ideas and radiant images to help enhance and better our daily lives.

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What Colour is Your Blood?

@ VOL 32 ON JAN 20, 2015

Colour plays many roles in medical and anatomical illustration: representational and symbolic, qualitative and quantitative, diagnostic and aesthetic. While some colour choices may seem obvious (such as red to represent blood), there is much more history, nuance and interpretation than meets the eye. Amongst other topics, Dave Mazierski presented the five different colours of blood, the wheel of urine, and the truth behind the real and imagined colours of our inner and outer anatomy.

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Colour Decoded

@ VOL 32 ON JAN 20, 2015

A surgery removing a tumour along with half of Carly Blackman's thyroid in 2012 was the beginning of a 2-year journey of researching, writing and designing her book called Colour Decoded. This is a book written for artists and designers explaining the science behind colour in a way a "right-brained" individual can easily understand. Furthermore it discusses how colour has a massive impactive on our hormones, body and behaviours. Her exploration with colour tries to bridge the two worlds of Art and Science, which have been isolated from each other in our present day education system. 

"Presentation of the Day" on February 10, 2015.

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Aesthetic impact of colour

@ VOL 32 ON JAN 20, 2015

Colour is one of the primary inspirational cornerstones that drive artists. Using examples from her own work and from familiar masters, Lorette C. Luzajic takes us on an emotional journey exploring the aesthetic impact of colour on artists and their audience. 

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Zones of Immersion

@ VOL 32 ON JAN 20, 2015

Stuart Reid creates amazing and colorful murals inspired by the people in local subway stations. His huge portraits are now hung at subway stations. Stuart mural projects have colored and brighten up many dull subway stations. 

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Goddesses and the colours

@ VOL 32 ON JAN 20, 2015

Enuma Flux sings songs that portray the color of history most famous Women Goddesses. Her music encourages and inspires younger women in her community to continue with their musical talent. 

Alex Hugh
Author/TV Personality/Entrepreneur
Lorette C. Luzajic
Artist/Writer in Toronto
Elgin Cleckley
Designer , Ontario Science Centre in Toronto
Dave Mazierski
Medical Illustrator / Professor / Vertebrate Palaeontologist , University of Toronto in Toronto
Enuma FluX
Improvisational Composer / Art Educator / Sound Healer, Self in Toronto
Carly Blackman
Office Coordinator, Shopify in Toronto
Stuart Reid
Artist / Architectural Designer in Toronto
Steve Reaume
Co-Founder, Metatecture in Toronto
Finlay Paterson
Co-Founder, Metatecture in Toronto