Past Blue Mountains Event: VOL 11

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The Tool Librarian

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 06, 2015

The Blue Mountains Tool Library or "Toolo" is a lending library for tools and equipment that services the needs of various community interests.
Initially we are seeking interested organisations to auspice the project - translation - why would we need to set up another not for profit organisation in the mountains when there are probably 100s up here already whose operations could extend to embrace a tool library. The library hopes to have a small functional space/ shipping container and fixed operating hours - several days a week. The library's main purpose is to hire tools to assist people who would ordinarily use these tools once or twice per year and not regularly enough to warrant buying them.
Members would be people trying to maintain properties prior to peak fir season, artists who need tools for one off projects and generally anyone who don't want to buy a tool and use it once. 

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I'm Not a Nerd but I'm Looking for People Who are Just Like Me

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 06, 2015

Ideas in finding people in the Blue Mountains with similar interests. Topics included: Philosophy, Poetry, Religion, Cultural sharing, and Music. Tony's conversation was inspiring and funny - a very nerdy thing.

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The Grottoes of the Blue Mountains

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 06, 2015

Hayley West's interest is in fabulously grotesque concrete structures built in the 1930s-50s. Here she shares her passion for the Grottos of the Blue Mountains. Check out her other blog for some great photos - it's a work in progress: Blue Mountains Grotto Love.

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Crash Course in Photography

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 06, 2015

Photography lessons PechaKucha style! Scott Richardson is an award winning photographer with 35 years professional experience and this presentation is a 6 month photography course condensed into 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Watch it for yourself and learn. We did.

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The Cat's Pyjamas

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 06, 2015

A conversation with Nyla Thomas who was driven away from serious forensic police work into an experience of natural beauty on offer in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Nyla explains how having a dream and making it come true can give you many rewards - whether you're enjoy stunning views or vistas, or it's horse riding or cycling across valleys and bushlands, or sampling good food and wine, there's bound to be a dream that's right for you.
Even if you are a cat.

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A Condensed History of Publishing

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 06, 2015

Jennifer Mosher offers a condensed history of publishing.

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Art Bound by Response

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 06, 2015

Visual artist Fiona Davis ( presents the creation of Visual Bind, a website promoting the work of artists and giving a tribune to their critical writing in response to their own projects/practice and their peers's art: a barter system where each artist writes an essay and gets written about once a year, in perpetual motion starting from around 60 artists. Visual Bind will publish online quarterly journal to which interested may subscribe.


"Presentation of the Day" on June 9, 2015.

Zaki Haidari
Student in Sydney
Jennifer Mosher
Editor and Publisher, Mosher's Business Support Pty Ltd in Blue Mountains
Hayley West
Artist in Blue Mountains
Nyla Thomas
Tour Operator in LAWSON
Justin Morrissey
Multiplatform Producer in Katoomba
Evelyn Calaunan
Celebrant in Wentworth Falls
Michel Streich
Illustrator in Blue Mountains
Tony Zahra-Newman
medical practitioner, Independent Practitioners Network in Faulconbridge
Scott Richardson
Director of Photography / Producer, Vision TV in Faulconbridge
Fiona Davies
artist in Blue Mountains