Past St. Augustine Event: VOL 6

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That Crowning Moment

@ VOL 6 ON DEC 17, 2014

Emily Charette, designer, entreprenuer, wife and mother of two, shares three generations of birthing stories, and in the process suggests that maybe women aren't telling themselves an accurate story about childbirth at all. In fact, she asserts that women are stronger than they even know.   

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Breaking Good

@ VOL 6 ON DEC 17, 2014

Marie Laperriere is an extremely unlikely candidate for the life she's living. After living through unbelievable love, loss and transition, this is a story about what sometimes finds us, when we're feeling most broken.  

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Follow Your Bliss

@ VOL 6 ON DEC 17, 2014

Jennifer Wolfe knows a thing or two about change and transformation. In this presentation, she shares with us what happens -- both within ourselves and in the world around us -- when we have the courage to follow our bliss. 

Jennifer Wolfe
Writer-facilitator, Women Writing for (a) Change, Jacksonville in Jacksonville, FL
Ryan Murphy
General Manager - ST. AUGUSTINE AMPHITHEATRE & PONTE VEDRA CONCERT HALL, St. Johns County / Cultural Events Division in St. Augustine
Emily Charette
Graphic Designer, Entreprenuer, We Are Charette, Menuat in St. Augustine
Joanna Marks
Taijijun Instructor in St. Augustine
Thomas Long
Artist, Self in St. Augustine
Alanna Donley
Renaissance Woman , Self employed in St. Augustine
Tara Dodson
Environmental Supervisor, St. Johns County in St. Augustine
Marie LaPerriere
Dancer, Dance teacher, Instructor Support, Academy of Art University San Francisco, and The Dance Company in Saint Augustine