Past Blue Mountains Event: VOL 10

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VOL 10

November 21, 2014
@ The Carrington

Welcome to PechaKucha Blue Mountains. My name is Xandro Lombardi and I am your new host. Join me for an informal night of fast-paced creative and informative presentations that will inspire you, teach you, and feed your hunger for ideas and innovation. Our line-up of speakers include:

  • Amanda O'Bryan - graphic designer:
  • Victor Peralta - director at:
  • Louise Lammers - head of education at Enmore College:
  • Alison Marcer - creative thinker: 
  • Yvonne Larkins - photographer:
  • Michelle Sutton - social media blogger:

Entry is free. 

Bring your friends, bring your family - it's going to be a great night of everything. 

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Daily Acts of Creativity​

@ VOL 10 ON NOV 21, 2014

How small daily acts of creativity can spark ideas and keep the creative spirit alive. Amanda O'Bryan is a graphic designer and owner of design agency in Springwood. You can find her here:

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A Different Kind of Normal

@ VOL 10 ON NOV 21, 2014

How being a parent to Autistic children has changed her as a person and why she writes about it. Compelling communication. Follow Michelle Sutton's blog here:

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Ali's Art Studio

@ VOL 10 ON NOV 21, 2014

With a degree in art education Alison Marcer has had many twists and turns in her artistic employment since her early teaching days. Since having children, her part time home based artistic pursuits have now grown into Ali's Art Studio where anything and everything creative has room to blossom. Ali spoke about her journey and her love of diversity within creativeness.

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Anyone Art

@ VOL 10 ON NOV 21, 2014

Victor Peralta is a draftsman in the civil engineer field, a portrait painter and is current director of Katoomba's famed 'Winter Magic' festival. In 2010, Victor entered the Archibald Prize for the first time and won the people's choice award within the Real Refusé section. 

In Volume 10, Victor shared his plans for upcoming Art Project which addresses how anybody can be affected by homelessness and hardships in our community.
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Journey of Risks

@ VOL 10 ON NOV 21, 2014

Louise Lammers - Head of Studies, Enmore Design Centre, TAFE. Louise tells us of her personal and career journey, mapped out through the risks she took along the way.

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Going Home

@ VOL 10 ON NOV 21, 2014

Yvone Larkins. Going home to a place I've never been before is a talk about self discovry and a journey taken, insearch of family heritage, family values and personal growth.

Yvonne Larkins
Photographer, Gosh You're Gorgeous Photography in Katoomba
Alison Marcer
Creative Thinker, Self employed in Faulconbridge
Michelle Sutton
in Katoomba
Louise Lammers
teacher, TAFE NSW in sydney
Amanda O'Bryan
Designer, Creative Queen Bees in Springwood
Victor Peralta
Artist in Katoomba