Past Bandar Seri Begawan Event: VOL 1

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November 01, 2014
@ Tru Synergy

Welcome to the inaugural PechaKucha Night in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei!

PechaKucha Nights are informal and fun gatherings where creative people get together and share their ideas, works, thoughts, holiday snaps -- just about anything, really -- in the PechaKucha 20x20 format. Since 2003, PechaKucha Nights have now been happening in over 790 cities around the world (and growing!).

As one of our organising members said it, PKN is essentially 'a night of storytelling' where people can show and share their work in a relaxed way.  Here at PKN, the talented people in Brunei can showcase their work, perspective and vision and have the unique opportunity to channel their passions on to the world stage.

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@ VOL 1 ON NOV 01, 2014

Fitri Ali tells of how he travels solo to look for ‘it’. Instead of discovering who he is, as originally expected, Fitri finds himself on an enduring and delightful journey of becoming the sum of all the people he met. He continues to look for ‘it’ and rests happily in the possibility that he may never know what that may be.

"Presentation of the Day" on February 16, 2015.

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Construction In Pre-Prep

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 01, 2014

Where in the world can you make block animals, build a home inside a volcano surrounded by lava and get attacked by slime, zombies and skeletons without warning? Try sandbox indie games Minecraft and Terraria, where it is up to you to shape your world. Aman Izad-Ryan invites you to let your imagination loose with stern advice such as the need to explore to discover objects, not to limit yourself to making new things but making things better and if ever you decide to have a mansion, you’ve got to give yourself a library.

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Social Media : Writing On The Wall

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 01, 2014

Through social media, we are more connected and informed than ever before. Delwin Keasberry, a social media personality, points out the imbalance which exist in the face of ‘hot topics’ between those few with quick and assured opinions. So strong are their voices that they drown out the moderators, and the crowd. On the other hand, there are those who remain silent and wait for the storm to blow over. Though some of us choose to stand apart, we are not unaffected by these kinds of situations. Are we doomed to intemperate viewpoints dominating the world of social media? Can we imagine being part of the movement that is willing to push the gap between these two extremes and grow into better adjusted social networking community?

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Topical Steroid Withdrawal

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 01, 2014

It is likely that 1 in every 3 people knows someone with skin problems. Rashes, eczema, dermatitis, infections - these are often treated by topical steroids (TS). However, steroids go by different names and prolonged use can cause addiction, whereby the skin is unable to be problem-free for long. This dependence on TS causes the breaks between skin problems to become shorter, affecting the sufferer's quality of life, mental and emotional health. But weaning off the steroids can be a long and difficult journey with severe withdrawal symptoms on the skin. Can you survive such an episode? Florina Tan who developed TS addiction after continued use over 30 years, did and encourages others to have the courage to do the same.

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The Incredible Art

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 01, 2014

How is art incredible? Does it simply appeal to the eye, or does it speak to the heart? Huifong Ng suggests that all art conveys a message from the artist to everyone that experiences it, a message that transcends space and time. As art, emotion is ever flowing and ever changing. Art has no form. Art does not have to be a painting - it could be an architecture, a smile, a twinkle in the eye, a person, love. Everyone is a piece of art.

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Making The Moments of Life

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 01, 2014

When the director of a beauty company, Pat Lee, decided to contribute to the breast cancer awareness campaign, she had an idea to produce a joyful and upbeat video to carry the message that 'your health is in your hands'. In the making of the video, life threw a lot of curveballs (many of which she realised in retrospect stemmed from her own assumptions). Overcoming each of these made her understand that when we say yes to our passions, doors open, creativity flows and life says yes right back. 

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What My Camera Taught Me About Life

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 01, 2014

By following his camera, award-winning photographer, Reuben Chin, learns more than how to point and shoot. He talks of seeing beauty in the ordinary; becoming engaged enough to seize life's fleeting moments and developing a healthy curiousity of how others see the world.

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Collective Experiences

@ VOL 1 ON NOV 01, 2014

Shinny Chia, half of the creative duo that make up The Collective, explains what the company does by sharing the experiences they have had around the world and the experiences which they long to have and recreate. Events are not taken at face value, because essentially, like many of the events mentioned in the talk, The Collective aims to transform the space where an event takes place and also the people who come through that experience.

"Presentation of the Day" on November 13, 2014.

Delwin Keasberry
BruneiTweet in Bandar Seri Begawan
Shinny Chia
Creative Director, The Collective in Bandar Seri Begawan
Reuben Chin
Trainer, Coach, Speaker, epiPeople Consultants in Bandar Seri Begawan
Huifong Ng
Intuitive Artist in Bandar Seri Begawan
Florina Tan
TSW Advocate in Bandar Seri Begawan
Pat Lee
General Manager, Laneige Brunei Darussalam in Bandar Seri Begawan
Aman Izad-Ryan
Student in Bandar Seri Begawan