Past Shenzhen Event: VOL 22

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VOL 22

October 18, 2014
@ Gee Coffee Rosters

PechaKucha is back and will celebrate the 3rd and last night X 1st HK-SZ Design Biennale!

Creative animals this night is yours…

Beware Talents!
More than 10 new designers from Hong Kong and Shenzhen will present their latest and craziest ideas. Discover and meet the most promising creatives from the Pearl River Delta! More details about each presenters will come soon… Stay PechaKuched!

Designer Awards
After 3 amazing nights during the 1st HK-SZ Design Biennale, it’s time to vote for and celebrate the best presenters of this PKN series! You can check the videos and reviews of the former presentations on our official weixin account Riptide锐态 (check history) but Saturday, we need you to come and support live your champion… Stay PechaKuched!

Last but not least… Astounding artists will surprise you again all the night long… Live performers and your favorite DJ and VJ are just waiting for you, but for now shhhhhh it’s still a secret… Stay PechaKuched!


HEINEKEN is now and all around the World “Friend of PechaKucha”! For the first time HEINEKEN will join Shenzhen Night. HEINEKEN Star promises to bring lot of glittering memories to your favorite networking Night. Refresh your inspiration!

As you know, PechaKucha, your ultimate open-minded creative platform speaks English, Mandarin or Cantonese. Don’t miss anything, anymore! From now, each presentation will be accompanied by a summary in English and Mandarin. Enjoy each single presentation!

New venue, new time! To celebrate this last night with the first HK-SZ Design Biennale, we are back to OCT Loft! We are so excited and impatient to meet you all again. Get ready and…. Stay PechaKuched!

PechaKucha Night - Volume #22
October 18, 2014
19:00 to 22:00+
Gee Coffee Roasters - OCT Loft
Free and Crazy!

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Upcycling product design 废弃物品回收设计

@ VOL 22 ON OCT 18, 2014

“利用本地废料设计新产品” 首先他简述了自己的经历,读书的时候,老师告知他们做设计的意义是为了改善生活。随后他进入了电子产品行业,面对第一次自己的作品在商铺展现的时候,他觉得需要属于自己的东西,而不是量化产品。看我们的世界正面临着环境危机,他认为,设计师有责任,通过循环利用资源,让这个世界变得更美好。他利用废料来创建新产品,同时也与不同的非政府组织就地取材生产产品。他希望能够激发人们对新视角的产品是怎样制成的,消耗和处理。

"Designs new products with the use of local scrap". At first, he shortly introduced his own experience. When he was a student, the teacher told them that the meaning of design was to improve life. Later on, he entered the electronics industry. When it was the first time for him to show his work in the shop, he found it necessary to own something his own, rather than quantified products. Realizing that the world was facing an environmental crisis, he felt, as a designer, he had the duty to make the world better through cyclic utilization of resources. He created new products with the scrap, and produced some products with local materials together with various NGOs. He hoped to inspire people’s idea on how the products of new perspective are made and how to consume and dispose them.

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Furniture Design 家具设计

@ VOL 22 ON OCT 18, 2014

他分享的主要是一些设计产品和家具, 也有商标或小册子和视觉等的平面设计. 这些设计也曾在荷兰设计周展出,也在米兰等地展出。“专注的是概念,我们旨做概 念设计。目前进行的项目的主题是语言与设计。会发现语言哲学和设计在本质上其实是很相似的,所以我们创建一种文化特色设计的设计方法。’’他说道。

Michael Leung 梁展邦

Michael shared some of their main design products and furniture and also some graphics design such as logos, booklets and visual identities. These designs have been exhibited in Milan and many other places. Their attention to "idea", aimed to make their design conceptual. "The subject of our current project is about language and design". "We believe language philosophy and design are similar in essence, so we are creating a new culture and a characteristic design method''.

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Interior Design 室内设计师

@ VOL 22 ON OCT 18, 2014

他 的分享会带来他们之前所做的项目图片,如一些工厂、大厦的改造,餐饮店面,运动场以及大伙熟知的运动品牌耐克的办公室等,他会通过这些项目来告知大家,他 们所希望所做的项目是可以和自然、文化等相交融,他也将他的生活经历,如在美国求学所看到的美景以及香港的美景运用在自己的项目中。他希望演讲和项目都是 给人像品尝美食后留下深刻的回味。

Kevin shares some former project, such as factory and mansion renovation, restaurant, sports field and some well-known sports brand. Kevin is sharing with his presentation how a project can combine nature and culture. He presented his life experience including some amazing photos of HK and USA in order to let a deep feeling to everybody exactly like after a delicious dinner.

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工业设计 Industrial Design

@ VOL 22 ON OCT 18, 2014

她通过展示了与游戏悍将、施华洛世奇、阿狸跨界合作的一款嵌 10万 钻的机箱,始于玩家,从硬件的布局和外观的定义都颠覆了传统的怪兽电脑等,来阐述工业设计师在一系列产品设计中所经历的点滴:如跨界的合作、对产品的调 研、生产过程中的跟单、产品呈现后的宣传、后续的跟进以及通过自然、建筑等领域汲取更多的创作风格等,表达了她对产品的极致追求,和打造专业领域的设计影 响力的决心。

Zhang Yiyuan elaborated the industrial designers "experiences in a series of products" design by demonstrating a chassis embedded 100,000 drills between the cross-border cooperation of Game Demon, Swarovski and Ali, which began from the player and subverted the typical monster computer from the layout of hardware and definition of appearance. The experiences included cross-border cooperation, investigation and survey of products, order supervising at the production process, product propaganda after the product was presented, subsequent follow-up and obtaining more creative styles in nature, architecture and other areas, which expressed her ultimate pursuit of product as well as her determination to build design influence in the professional field.

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What is the Original Concept? 郭胜荣 - 概念的最初是什么?

@ VOL 22 ON OCT 18, 2014

“设计他也讲求天时地利人和” 首先他通过探讨“设计概念的初衷?”, 结合他们之前得过红点奖的作品,设计的起初是在研究老人起居时发现的问题而不是单纯为了设计,等一系列设计案例中的小故事,阐述他认为设计有诸多因素,各 种因素在不同时期、不同环境下对设计的成功与否起到决定性作用,比如时间因素、技术因素、流程因素、经济因素、还有情感因素等,以及产生的设计点,以及不 同项目所涉及的方法、过程都不尽相同。

“It requires right place and right time to design too”.

First of all, he started with a question “What is the original intention of a design concept?”, and analyzed their design which won the Red Dot Prize before. The original intention of the design was not merely for design, but to solve a problem for elderly people when they were doing research on their living condition. By sharing these stories and cases of design, he elaborated his opinions that design was affected by numerous factors that could be decisive to its success or failure in different places and different times, such as time, technical, procedure, economic and emotion factors etc. All the factors affect the design points, different methods for different projects and procedures.

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室内设计 Interior Design

@ VOL 22 ON OCT 18, 2014


Liao Tiancheng emphasizes “the balance between individual and space in the design”.

Reserving part of the existing materials in the building can not only bring the public a sense of history, but also signify a deepening of emotions, all of which are reflected in his projects. He said, “My favorite place must have at least two different spaces.”  Just like a shared clothing store, one is unable to understand its inside panorama looking from the outside. A restaurant, which is "a lazy swine from before to date”, is entirely made of glass. One can feel himself through the glass. Eventually, he shared with others by a picture of his favorite dishes that was “the design must contain one’s loved elements as good design should move himself first before moving others.”

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Invention & Innovation 经超 - 创造与创新

@ VOL 22 ON OCT 18, 2014

经超“从用户的角度出发,探讨外观与功能相结合”              他从一个听来的关于“从电热丝到电饭锅的出现”的故事来展开他的分享。随后带来了他们研究了一款用水加热的石锅,保护了食物的营养成分,他认为“能满足客户对于品质生活及健康的要求,这样就属于一个创新的设计。‘‘还举例了,他们设计了一款可以放碗的电饭锅。“通过电热丝和电热丝的衍生品,我想说的是,现在我们可能没有太多机会和底蕴做创作,但我们可以不止于量化产品,需要有颗创新的心面对工业设计。’’他这样说道。

Jing Chao “From the users’ perspective, to explore a combination of appearance and functions”

He started to share his viewpoints with a story he heard about “the appearance of heating wire to electronic rice cooker”. Later he brought out their study on a stone cooker which was heated by water to preserve nutrition of foods, which, in his opinion, “is an innovative design that fulfills customers’ requirement about quality and healthy life”. Another example was given on a rice cooker that could hold a bowl. “By talking about heating wire and its derivative products, what I am trying to say, is that we may not have much opportunity and information to innovate, but we can free ourselves from making quantitative products and to face industry design with an innovative new heart”.   

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Industrial Design 工业设计

@ VOL 22 ON OCT 18, 2014

他分享的是曾打动他本人并给他留下深刻记忆的设计。这些设计包容万象:如如今马路上经常可见的宝马汽车、二战中最优秀的最全能的活塞动力飞机以及时尚的 Dior戴妃包、香奈儿小黑群等产品中的设计元素及记忆等一些细节,来阐述优质的设计元素不但可以提升产品的辨识度,还能成就经典。

Wang Pengxi shares some old designs that have been impressed him deeply, it includes: BMW cars, most excellent piston engined aircraft in the War II, and the fashionable Lady Dior bag, the Little Black Dress of Miss Chanel etc, those high class design ideas, details and memories are like signatures that nobody can't forget and which make them classical.

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New Media Design 新媒体设计

@ VOL 22 ON OCT 18, 2014


"I was eccentric when I was a kid, so when I saw for the first time a graffiti, I get very impressed". Lee was 17 years old, when he started to draw graffiti, at that time not so many people knew graffiti. Lee and his buddies worked to make graffiti more diverse and explore this alternative expression opportunity. Later, Li Yuyu co-founded HAPO that aims to gather all the passions of his youth.

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The Yesterdayskin

@ VOL 22 ON OCT 18, 2014

她带来的演讲通过自我的介绍还有她那些有故事的东西,来利用vintage衣服,透過自己的篩選,收集和改造,重新製成有生命力的系列。随后她会介绍他们 这个 vintage 改造的品牌 “The Yesterdayskin”。品牌旨在以現代的角度來詮譯 vintage,使它們能透過篩選,收集和改造,重新成為有生命力的系列。同时还希望除時裝以外, The Yesterdayskin 也常與不同的機構及創意單位合作,參與不同媒介的創作,發掘更多可能性。

Eileen's speech was about these commun objects that have their own histories. She loves to collect vintage clothes and retouch them. She brings to each of them a new and creative life. Then, she introduced her company called “The Yesterdayskin” which is tend to revisit "vintage" from a modern point of view. The Yesterdayskin is not only a fashion design company but it develops also cooperation with many associations and creative group. They are always looking for new possibility and media to do creative things.

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