Past Bedford Event: VOL 4

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December 04, 2014
@ The Place Theatre

Come and witness the art of the concise presentation! Up to 12 people will present their passions using just 20 images each shown for just 20 seconds each.

Meet people, have fun and leave inspired.

Our fabulous running order is:

Annette Hickey - How I fell in love with Pantomime

Sally Annett – From Metarepresentation to Atelier

Jean Hollywood - The Faces of the Brontës

Beth Burr – CAKE

John Stephens – Nothing interests me

Caroline Clark – Life Lessons from Running

PT Denis - I AM PT DENIS: From Bad to Bonkers, Anywhere, Anytime

All Welcome.


Brought to you by Creative Bedfordshire, courteosy of Bedford Creative Arts & Bedford Borough Council.

With thanks to our corporate sponosors One and our host The Place theatre.

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@ VOL 4 ON DEC 04, 2014

Illustrator turned baker Beth Burr gives us 19 extremely compelling reasons to eat cake in this beautifully illustrated and hilariously told presentation. It may make you hungry so those of you on diets, beware.

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How I Fell in Love with Panto

@ VOL 4 ON DEC 04, 2014

Panto-lover and maker Annette reveals her journey though Panto, and shows us how much fun it can be, as well as showing us the wealth of skills she has learnt along the way.

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Life Lessons from Running

@ VOL 4 ON DEC 04, 2014

Caroline is a runner. It hasn't alwasy been this way and she shows us her journey to becoming a runner through a series of life lessons that apply to us all. Don't listen to that little voice that says you can't do it, she urges, "it's a liar."

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Nothing Really Interests Me

@ VOL 4 ON DEC 04, 2014

Artist John Stephens is fascinated by nothing in particular, and he tells us just what he means by that. For the past few years John has been exploring spaces that have no particular significance to them, and photographing the results to great effect.

"Presentation of the Day" on December 16, 2014.

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From Metarepresentation to Atelier

@ VOL 4 ON DEC 04, 2014

Artist Sally Annett shows us her work, which is based in language, gender, power and nature. This presentation is dedicated to Sally's grandmother who passed away the week of the presentation.

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From Bad to Bonkers, Anywhere, Anytime

@ VOL 4 ON DEC 04, 2014

PT Denis used to be a bad boy but through the loving guidance of his father, and his tragic loss in a fatal plane crash, he re-routed his manic energy into physical fitness and natural highs. Embracing his 'bonkers' nature, PT Denis has performed in front of festival audiences of thousands and works with young people to chose the right path. His engery is contagious.

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The Faces of the Brontës

@ VOL 4 ON DEC 04, 2014

Academic, illustrator and sometime drag queen Jean Hollywood talks us through his fascination with the faces of the Brontës by showing and contesting the few available images of these literary giants.

Jean Hollywood
Research Assistant, Heythrop College, University of London in London
sally annett
artist/producer, sally annett in london
Beth Burr
Designer, Maker, Baker in Bedford
Caroline Clark
Life Coach in Bedford
John Stephens
Artist in Bedford
PT Denis
Behaviour and inclusion specialist , PT DENIS ENDURANCE in BEDFORD