Past Beirut Event: VOL 20

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VOL 20

September 10, 2014

For this 20th PechaKucha Night in Beirut, our presenters will be inviting you to discover their respective journeys in diverse fields, and to reflect upon topics such as Networking, Green Projects, Public Spaces and…Playfulness! Join us at Station for a think-and-drink session on Wednesday September 10, 2014!

Participants and Topics:

Monica Basbous | Fertile Voids

Starch | Starch Foundation 2014-2015

Maha Nasrallah & Maya Karkour | Casa Batroun: An Eco-House That Breathes

Roy Khalil | A Figure Skater In A Hockey Game

Ayssar Arida & Sabine de Maussion | Urbacraft

Elsa Saadé | Synck

André Sleiman | Understanding Public Spaces

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Thinking Public Spaces

@ VOL 20 ON SEP 10, 2014

In Thinking Public Spaces, André Sleiman tackles the oh-so-controversial issue of public spaces in Lebanon, and invites the audience to reflect upon the balance to be found between public and private property - and well, to "Move it!"

Defining the difference between what is public, and what is private, perhaps it is best to change that for the good of the public. Paid car parks, paid parks, paid beaches. These are just a few of the consequences of what it means to live in a place of private property. 

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Urbacraft city crafting system

@ VOL 20 ON SEP 10, 2014

Ayssar Arida and Sabine de Maussion take us through the journey of creating and launching Urbacraft, a city crafting system that redefines the boundaries between playfulness and construction, while providing the users with plenty of new possibilities. Let the fun begin! 

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@ VOL 20 ON SEP 10, 2014

Elsa Saadé presents Synck, a project that aims at establishing a networking platform, based on Endosymbiosis, a relationship between two organisms, one living inside the other, wherein both parties benefit from one another and the survival of one is dependent on the existence of the other.

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Casa Batroun - The Story of an Eco-Friendly House

@ VOL 20 ON SEP 10, 2014

Maha Nasrallah and Maya Karkour share the adventurous experience of turning an old house into an exemplary, award winning eco-friendly home. Green magic, if you will! 

Taking something old and crumbling away, and refurbishing it and enhancing what is already there, is a step closer to eco-friendly living and homes. Reusing and recycling wood, and using natural materials, Maha and Maya were able to create and inspire more to do the same. 

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Fertile Voids

@ VOL 20 ON SEP 10, 2014

Monica Basbous invites us to wander through a city she has redefined using illustrations and constructed images, means that allow her to achieve what architecture and other urban interventions do not allow. Leftover spaces get invaded by mind  projections: you know, when you stare long enough at a void... 

"Presentation of the Day" on November 27, 2014.

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A Figure Skater in a Hockey Game

@ VOL 20 ON SEP 10, 2014

Roy Khalil shares his blogger experience, comparing himself to a figure skater in a hockey game and dropping, on his way, a couple of jokes about his younger self and what it is that he's doing. Enjoy!

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Starch Foundation 2014-2015

@ VOL 20 ON SEP 10, 2014

Starch Foundation's 2014-2015 team members Ghaith Abi Ghanem, Jad Melki, Timi Hayek and Jo Baaklini tell us about their design experience as part of the foundation's program. Architecture and Fashion design projects unfold in an inspiring combination of concepts, drawings and energetic colors. Who said work's not fun? 

Monica Basbous
architect/urban researcher in Beirut
Maha Nasrallah
Architect in Beirut
Maya Karkour
Environmental Consultant, EcoConsulting in Beirut / Batroun
Roy Khalil
Director / Producer in Beirut
Ayssar Arida
Designer in Beirut
Sabine de Maussion
Curator in Beirut
Elsa Saadé
in Amchit
André Sleiman
Programme Manager / Governance and Public Policy Specialist, Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Beirut