Past Bozeman Event: VOL 12

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VOL 12

September 10, 2014
@ The Ellen Theatre

Siberian Tigers and the secret link between poetry and physics highlight launch of 4th Pecha Kucha season at the Ellen

Kathy Quigley will present on her wildlife veterinary work with Siberian tigers and MSU physicist Nico Yunes will speak about the hidden connection between poetry and physics at the Ellen Theatre Tuesday, Sept. 9 and Wednesday, Sept. 10 as Pecha Kucha Bozeman launches its fourth season.

Also presenting both nights will be technology guru Doug Gale, who will reveal the untold story of the Internet; Austin Reuter, who will discuss the challenges he faced making his way through school with learning disabilities in “12 years a student”; Caroline Running Wolf, with a presentation titled “Reverse Mayflower: Expat Indians Colonizing Europe”; and Bozeman High School biology teacher Robin Hompesch, who will describe student efforts to restore Mandeville Creek.

Other presentations include Maria Oelkers, “Beyond the Podium: The Secret Life of an Everyday Gymnast”; Kari Oelkers (Maria’s mother), who will describe the power of stories in teaching history; and Linda Chambers with “Bowls for Elephants.” Also presenting are Henry Shovic, who will talk about his role as a geographer in Afghanistan and Melissa Regan, who will describe the innovative, community-building work of Bozeman Soup.

Bozeman DJ Missy O’Malley will emcee the event.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m., with the first presentation starting at 7:20 p.m. Pecha Kucha (peh-chak-cha) offers anyone with a passion or a vision--designers, artists, inventors, architects, adventurers, entrepreneurs—an opportunity to share their ideas with the community during a fast-paced, friendly social get-together. There's just one catch—presenters have only 20 slides x 20 seconds each, a total of 6 minutes, 40 seconds!

Pecha Kucha (sounds like chit-chat in Japanese) was created 12 years ago by a Tokyo architectural firm. Events are now held in more than 700 cities around the world.  More information is available on Facebook at pecha-kucha-bozeman or by emailing   You are encouraged to come early to socialize.  There will be a 20-minute intermission.
Advance tickets ($7 plus $1 restoration fee) are available online at

Tickets also are available at the box office and at the door for $8 ($5 for students) space permitting.

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The Physics-Poetry Duality

@ VOL 12 ON SEP 10, 2014

Assistant Professor of Physics at Montana State Univeristy, Nicholas Yunes says that physics and poetry are different branches of the same tree. That Einstein and Whitman are both explorers, one with math, the other with words. Nicholas says that creation is passion, that knowledge feeds progress.

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A Geographer's Crazy Journey to Afghanistan

@ VOL 12 ON SEP 10, 2014

Montana State University researcher Henry Shovic shares his 10-years of experiences in Afghanistan helping build dams, finding pistachio trees, improving Afghan water resources and restoring woodlands.

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