Past Chicago Event: VOL 32

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VOL 32

December 02, 2014
@ Martyrs'

While we can't guarantee snow, you can be sure that there'll be some spectacularly festive presentations for PechaKucha Night this December.  And we suspect that Kate and Ray will be serving egg nog if you are so inclined.  Plus beer and pizza.  We will serve up creativity, passion and a sack full of cool Chicagoans.  Get tickets now for you and your friends and keep checking here for the names of our fabulous presenters.

Tickets here


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Arts and Crafts of the State Fair

@ VOL 32 ON DEC 02, 2014

From butter sculpting of local beauty princesses, impressionist quilting, to the home made cakes from scratch. 

Philip Berger discusses of the arts and crafts that he discovered at the Minnesota State fair. Learning that there is no clear definition of art and craft, along with the celebration of locally grown agriculture. 

"Presentation of the Day" on April 15, 2015.

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Nurturing Your Child's Creativity

@ VOL 32 ON DEC 02, 2014

"Creativity is a place you and your child should go." 

In Nurturing Your Child's Creativity from PechaKucha Night Chicago Vol. 32, Sharon Exley presents a top ten of how to nurture creativity, challenge, adventure and more in children, which shows why apples don't fall far from trees (via her own brave and artful explorer Emma).
This was "Presentation of the Day" on July 15th, 2017. 
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Forever Weird, and Not So Clear

@ VOL 32 ON DEC 02, 2014

"Exploring the successful intersection of nature and design is THE challenge of the 21st century. Where does nature end and architecture begin?"

Writer and architect Ed Keegan tells us just why Chicago architecture is so weird. Ed delves into the history behind Chicago’s architectural oddities and ultimately concludes these unique spaces are a good thing. 

"Presentation of the Day" on February 17, 2015.

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The Empathic Writer

@ VOL 32 ON DEC 02, 2014

Life's journey is not linear.  Erika Harris takes us with her on the pathways and through the gateways that inform her life and practice. 

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Go Big or Go Home

@ VOL 32 ON DEC 02, 2014

Mr Potato Head, your underwear and Popular Science magazine inform Nate Kipnis as he evangelizes the PechaKucha audience in Chicago.

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Stained Glass

@ VOL 32 ON DEC 02, 2014

Emily Carlson is passionate about making, stained glass and chocolate.  Here she talks about the creation of the centerpiece window for a Chicago temple.

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Calligraphy, Nature, Art and Architecture

@ VOL 32 ON DEC 02, 2014

Reflecting on his fascinations with eastern and western cultures, architect John Clark AIA's calligraphic explorations are illustrations of nature expressed through art and architecture.

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Architecture During the Recession

@ VOL 32 ON DEC 02, 2014

When the recession hit, Richard Kasemsarn had to adjust his work habits and expectations.  This included hanging out at an old police station.

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A Primer on Community Theater

@ VOL 32 ON DEC 02, 2014

David DuFour has a passion for theater.  His PechaKucha performance expands on thriving local and community theater in the USA and in particular the Elkhart Civic Theater in Indiana where Dave is the executive director.

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Mickey Pallas - Photographer

@ VOL 32 ON DEC 02, 2014

Mickey Pallas was rarely without a camera in hand. In the early days, it was a Graflex, the classic Front Page-style press camera that used sheet film measuring 4 x 5 inches. That was replaced by a twin lens reflex Rollei that used roll film measuring a little over 2 inches square. And finally, the revolutionary 35mm Leica, a camera he adored so much that he also collected them. Janet A. Ginsburg tells the fascinating story this iconic Chicago photographer.

"Presentation of the Day" on March 19, 2015.

Sharon Exley
Procurer of Art, Beauty & Curiosity, Fun Finders in Chicago
David Dufour
Executive Director, Elkhart Civic Theatre in Elkhart, Indiana
J A Ginsburg
writer/producer in Chicago
Nathan Kipnis, FAIA
Architect, Kipnis Architecture + Planning in Evanston
Ed Keegan
Architect, Writer, Broadcaster, Curator, Educator in Chicago
Emily Carlson
Stained glass studio owner, artisan, Solstice Stained Glass in Chicago
John Clark
Architect, Cordogan Clark in Chicago
Richard Kasemsarn
Architect and Teacher in Chicago
Erika Harris
Independent Writer, in Chicago
Rujanee Mahakanjana
Filmaker in Chicago