Past Markham Event: VOL 4

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September 26, 2014
@ Varley Art Gallery

Connect with Markham’s creative communities at PechaKucha Markham! We know what you’re asking: What is a PechaKucha? PechaKucha (the Japanese word for chit-chat) is not your typical slide show: presenters share their ideas in 20 slides x 20 seconds each, no exceptions.

Markham Public Library, the Varley Art Gallery, and Markham Arts Council have partnered to host Markham’s PechaKucha nights, featuring 8 artists, thinkers and innovators from Markham and beyond. Added bonus: the evening will include a PK style gallery tour Kim Adams: One for the Road – 20 works of art explained in 20 seconds each. Admission is free.

Grab a glass of beer or wine (cash bar), and enjoy complimentary appetizers and music with DJ Leni.  Stick around for the Post-PK party, sponsored by That's Italian Express for more meeting and mingling! 

This event will serve as the launch of Culture Days and One Book One Markham. 

Coffee and appetizers sponsored by Ambiyan, Planeta Mexico Markham, Whole Foods Market Unionville, Five Lamps Tavern & Chophouse and Mr. Black Coffee. Poster design by brian LAU, Mad Studios


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Why Reading Makes You A Better Person

@ VOL 4 ON SEP 26, 2014

Liz Myers & Andrea Cecchetto describe the benefits that reading fiction has on one's personal development. The simple luxury of reading a book can help you become a better person through the understanding of language and emotions. Reading fiction has been proven to improve social, memory, and language skills. 

"Presentation of the Day" on November 3, 2014.

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Design Thinking

@ VOL 4 ON SEP 26, 2014

Brian Lau is a jack-of-all-trades. His presentation describes random thoughts that come to him while he works on his designs. Going into depth on the topic of capitalism and the job of designers is to make people want to buy more, and how the free market is controlling the shoppers into what they buy. 

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The Relationship Between Language Consciousness and Perception

@ VOL 4 ON SEP 26, 2014

James Reid, is a writer and philosopher. His most recent work of fiction, is a book of autobiographical short stories entitled Far From The World. In his presentation, he talks about the relationship between language, consciousness, and perception, and where the meaning of words come from.

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Contemporary 101

@ VOL 4 ON SEP 26, 2014

Anik Glaude is the curator at the Varley Art Gallery of Markham. She sees her role as that of mediator, bridging the gap between the artist and the gallery, between the artwork and its audience. This crash-course in contemporary art will illustrate the basics of art being produced today.

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Create Like an Artist, Improve Like An Engineer

@ VOL 4 ON SEP 26, 2014

Some of the greatest innovations happens when artists and engineers collide, and that's when life creates exciting opportunities. Samantha Chan discusses the topics of art and science, and that both are just as equally important to help create, and bring the world together. 

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Adult ADHD: From Nothing To Everything

@ VOL 4 ON SEP 26, 2014

Paya's career and passion is radio. This presentation describes how his Adult ADHD has given him the focus to be successful in a field he loves.

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@ VOL 4 ON SEP 26, 2014

Everything one would like to know about Surfing; it's history, the physics of it and all the tips and tricks you need to know. Nlck Love teaches us how to surf through out his presentation. 

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For the Love of Words

@ VOL 4 ON SEP 26, 2014

Sheniz Jannohamed explores the spirit and inventiveness of words. Listen as she examines the interesting, strange, and hilarious rituals of writers and authors.



Brian Lau
in Markham
Samantha Chan
Entrepreneur / Chief Paintlounger
Elizabeth Myers
Community Librarian, Markham Public Library in Markham
James Reid
Writer/Philosopher in Vancouver
NIck Love
in Markham