Past Santa Barbara Event: VOL 11

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VOL 11

April 30, 2014
@ Museum of Contemporary Art

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Finding Spirituality in the Philippines

@ VOL 11 ON APR 30, 2014

Amberly Young talks about her travel stories. She was in the Philippines and missed her flight. Miraculously, she had found a wonderful place to volunteer: Bahay Kalipay, a raw food yoga detox center, which means "House of Happiness" in Tagalog. She lived at the center for two months. She taught creative writing and during her stay she had a spiritual awakening. It was a day she made lifelong friends who she will be going back to visit for the rest of her life. It was a day that has changed the way she see the world.
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Making Stuff is Tough

@ VOL 11 ON APR 30, 2014

“Since our launch in January, the Poppy community has captured thousands of 3D images,” said Ethan Lowry, co-creator of Poppy, “and now they can share these with anyone, regardless of whether they own a Poppy or any other 3D viewing device.” Poppy GIFs are a big step up from a similar technique you might have seen before known as “wigglegrams”, where a left and right image are looped forever, causing an illusion of 3D and a headache. Poppy GIF animations are easy on the eyes and convey a strong sense of three dimensional depth. It’s like looking at a 3D scene through a piece of glass. With Poppy, creating these images is incredibly easy. 
"Presentation of the Day" on June 10, 2014.
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Smiling up and the Neo-cortical influence

@ VOL 11 ON APR 30, 2014

Dr. Michael Luan, D.C. is a Body Communications Coach, Consultant and Speaker. Dr. Michael's teaching is a unique blend of identifying body patterns, integrating the neurology, understanding motivation and various innovative solutions. He teaches his clients simple methods to improve their health, posture, biomechanics, movements and body shape. His focus is on individuals or groups undergoing change and/or transition. Dr. Michael's speaking, consulting, and coaching links everyday body use to tangible returns in business, relationships, interactions and health.The better you know yourself, the more that life can give to you.

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Is Interspecies Community Organizing the Future of Environmentalism?

@ VOL 11 ON APR 30, 2014

Celia Alario talks about her experience with her dog which has led her to loving all the living creatures in the world. She says that in order to save the environment it is vey important to stop killing the animals and instead we should organise with these species and take care of them. 

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@ VOL 11 ON APR 30, 2014

Kathy Gruver talks about GMOs and its adverse effects on the environment. She encourage people to eat organic food in order to remain healthy and stay away from unknown deceases which might attack them in future. She demands for labelling the GMO products by the producers so that those people who do not want to consume them, can just stay away from them. 

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The Last Cappuccino in Juba

@ VOL 11 ON APR 30, 2014

Chris Macdonald talks about his stay in South Sudan when the conflict was going on. He exposes the story how he managed to save his life and got out of the country.  

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Little Savage's Not-a-Cookbook

@ VOL 11 ON APR 30, 2014

Penny Little says that she has decided to draw her life in pictures instead of words. She calls herself a ''Savage'' and has very different point of view from others, regarding things happening around her.  

Ethan Lowry
in Santa Barbara
Michael Luan
in Santa Barbara
Kathy Gruver
in Santa Barbara
Penny Little
in Santa Barbara
Celia Alario
Communications Strategist, Media Trainer, College Professor in Santa Barbara
Amberly Young
tutor/writer, Santa Barbara City College in Santa Barbara
Robert Johnson
writer/screenwriter in Santa Barbara
Chris Macdonald
in Santa Barbara