Past Atlanta Event: VOL 22

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VOL 22

May 18, 2014
@ Octane - Westside

Hello Everyone!  We are heading back to our original home at OCTANE WESTSIDE for Vol. 22 of your ATL PechaKucha!  Join us for another engaging evening of presentations as we sip fine coffees and beverages.  

Doors @ 6pm, Presentations at 6:40pm
Seating is limited
$5 Suggested Donation supports PK ATL, any size donation and a 1" PK button is yours!


Andrew Hickman: Northeast Georgia Earth Home
Angel Poventud: CSX Engineer
Charles Judson: Writer, critic, consultant
Jeffrey Bekiares & Megan Johnson: SparkMarket
Josephine Ross: Dance aficionado
Lena Kotler-Wallace: Social media strategist 
Ozgur Basak Alkan: Urban designer
Rosemary Kimble: Artist, entertainer, event producer
Scott Fuller: Graphic designer

Please share so that our presenters may have an amazing audience to share with! We rely on all of you fine folks to help spread the word :)

Thank you to Catherine Moore of Catherine A. Moore Illustration & Design for designing our KILLER poster, sketched by hand!! 

Thank you to Trey and Soul Spin ( for providing our music and audio recording. 

As always, thanks to Octane Coffee for hosting us yet again! BEST coffee EVER! EVER, I say!

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Every Day I'm Hustling

@ VOL 22 ON MAY 18, 2014

"Find something you want to do, put it out in the world because if no one sees it, nobody can do anything with it."

In "Every Day I'm Hustling" from PechaKucha Atlanta Vol. 22, Scott Fuller presents on the Studio Temporary and how he has grown his design business in Atlanta by hustling every day. His advice is to always ask, help your friends, never stop creating, and finally - get out! 


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How to Build Atlanta's Film Community In Six Minutes

@ VOL 22 ON MAY 18, 2014

Charles Judson has been a member of the ATL film community for years. He has recently taken a step back from his position of Artistic Director of the Atlanta Film Festival to focus on growing ATL's film culture. In his PechaKucha, he goes through the steps that would guide the ATL film community in the right direction. 

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The Art of Community

@ VOL 22 ON MAY 18, 2014

Angel Poventud is the unofficial mayor of Atlanta, which he has become through his dedication to bringing people and his community together. He discusses how community projects are facilitated by strength in numbers and create more accessibility in cities. 

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GEZI: The Park that Became a Democracy Movement

@ VOL 22 ON MAY 18, 2014

Being an urban designer, Ozgur Basak Alkan has a unique perspective of the events that led to the Taksim Gezi Park protests in Turkey in 2013. The park became representative of much more than what it seemed.  

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Crowdfund Georgia: Love Local? Invest Local!

@ VOL 22 ON MAY 18, 2014

As partners in SparkMarketJeffrey Bekiares and Megan Johnson explain how they connect local investors with local businesses here in Georgia. Their succesful startup has helped fund many other local businesses in the community.

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Passion Project: Northeast Georgia Earth Home

@ VOL 22 ON MAY 18, 2014

Andrew Hickman has developed and built a completely sustainable home for his family using solar, geo-thermal, rain-water collection, and house postion. His passion is living sustainably and he has built a home according to this passion. 

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Social Media Marketing For the Socially Awkward

@ VOL 22 ON MAY 18, 2014

Lena Kotler-Wallace takes us through utilizing social media to reach our audience by showing us the differences of each of the big three: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  

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The Cruelty-Free Feather Movement

@ VOL 22 ON MAY 18, 2014

Rosemary Kimble brought the cruelty-free feather movment to light by sharing her work to increase public awareness. She once created feathered costumes using any feathers, but now creates works of art using only cruelty-free sources.  

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A VERY Brief History of American Belly Dance

@ VOL 22 ON MAY 18, 2014

Jo Ross takes us through a brief history of the origins of American Belly dance as we know it today. Little did we know the origins are many and varied!  

Ozgur Basak Alkan
Urban Designer, Perkins+Will
Andrew Hickman
Visionary Home Designer and Builder, New Earth Homes, LLC in Royston
Scott Fuller
Graphic Designer, The Studio Temporary in Acworth
Rosemary Kimble
Artist/Entertainer/Event Producer, Self
Angel Poventud
Freight Train Conductor, CSXT in Atlanta
Jeffrey Bekiares
Chief Operating Officer / Attorney, SparkMarket in Atlanta
Megan Johnson
Attorney, SparkMarket in Atlanta
Charles Judson
Writer, Film Critic, Consultant, OiC, Soket, Freelancer with Me, Myself and I in Atlanta
Jo Ross
Customer Service/Help Desk
Lena Kotler-Wallace
Social Media Strategist, PhylaVox Social Media in Atlanta