Past Tokyo Event: VOL 113

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Building Motorcycles for One

@ VOL 113 ON APR 30, 2014

Matthew Roberts, Creative Director at Speedtractor Industries, is part of a global movement to reestablish motorcycles as casual, cool forms of transportation, and he's doing it by creating beautiful, unique custom-made motorcycles for one client at a time. Matthew goes into depth on the new wave of motorcycle riders -- not the circus performers you see on TV -- a group of individuals looking to build something of their own, and take on new adventures on the road. (Images courtesy of

"Presentation of the Day" on May 16, 2014.

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Discovering Tokyo through Yamanote

@ VOL 113 ON APR 30, 2014

Darren Menabney speaks about the art in Tokyo and discovering very exciting and interesting placing while walking around the stations on the Yamanote Line. 

"Presentation of the Day" on September 19, 2014.

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Designing Spaces with Interaction in Mind

@ VOL 113 ON APR 30, 2014

"You can discover the ideas with 34 other people simultaneously so it's the interdependence that makes for the consciousness."

Edwin Schlossberg 
speaks about designing places where people can both learn from one another and understand complex ideas using a mixture of no technology and high technology. Edwin has been designing facilities all over the world where people can learn and discover new things from each other’s experiences and from the tools held within.

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The Power of Touch

@ VOL 113 ON APR 30, 2014

Touchy HumanCamera speaks about his experience as Touchy Human camera. He says he has been able to visit many countries and communicate with thousands of people through this. He gives an idea how we should try to divide our time between online and offline life in order to remain happy and satisfied. 

"Presentation of the Day" on June 6, 2014.

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Sport Boule

@ VOL 113 ON APR 30, 2014

A very enthusiastic Hironobu Morikawa wants us all to get excited for "Sport Boule," and he does a fantastic job of doing just that through his presentation, explaining what the sport is about, and what he hopes to achieve. 

Please note that this presentation is mostly in English, with some Japanese at the end. Also, a few demonstrations of throws were done in front of the audience -- and successful ones at that, as you'll be able to tell from the cheering.

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Winter Magazine

@ VOL 113 ON APR 30, 2014

When passion drives you, amazing things can happen. That's what you're about to see in action as Kati Krause tells the story of how she teamed up with two collaborators to bring Winter Magazine to life, now part of the "A Mag for all Seasons" series.

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Donations for Kenya

@ VOL 113 ON APR 30, 2014

Michael Palagi talks about his visit to Kenya. The purpose of his talk is to encourage people to donate for building a new school in the place where he stayed for 4 weeks in Nairobi. He talks about the talented teachers and students in the school, learning, playing, dancing and having fun. There is a need to build a new school in order to help more kids, decrease deceases and make their lives less difficult. 

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Prototyping Shelters

@ VOL 113 ON APR 30, 2014

Yuta Ito talks about his project in Italy. The aim of the project is to design a prototyping shelter at the exhibition site at archaeological park. The site is located in the centre of Mediterranean sea, a place which was not only influenced by Italian culture but also by Spanish, Greek, Arabic and Turkish cultures. 


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The Sound of a Tree

@ VOL 113 ON APR 30, 2014

Simon Fageus went to great lengths to help give his grandfather a long-forgotten feeling of the forest trekking he used to be able to accomplish. This led Simon to start on a quest to record the sounds of the oldest trees in the world, first in Sweden, then in Japan.

"Presentation of the Day" on May 23, 2014.

Shinobu Machida
Collector 庶民文化探求家 in Tokyo
Hironobu Morikawa
Sport Boule Player in Tokyo
Matthew Roberts
Creative Director, Speedtractor in Tokyo
Touchy HumanCamera
Human Camera in Tokyo
Darren Menabney
A simple salaryman in Tokyo
Kati Krause
Writer, Editor, Curator in Berlin
Michael Palagi
International School Teacher, Fundraising for Bringing Miracles in Tokyo
Simon Fagéus
Photographer in Gothenburg
Yuta Ito
Ph.D candidate, Kengo Kuma lab, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo in Tokyo
Edwin Schlossberg
Founder, Principal Designer, ESI Design