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Fresh at Your Door

@ VOL 4 ON FEB 22, 2014

Ghadir El Ghafri speaks on the growth of the online grocery business in the United Arab Emirates, and how it will affect buyer's habits in years to come. 

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Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services

@ VOL 4 ON FEB 22, 2014

Mohammed  al Nabulsi presents the various services and facilities available at the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services, including some interesting highlights.

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Spreading Spoken Word

@ VOL 4 ON FEB 22, 2014

Farah Chamma and MC Yazen, an Abu Dhabi-based Syrian rapper and producer, focus on spreading spoken word in unexpected places around the world. Being part of the spoken word scene in the United Arab Emirates, they are now trying to explore new scenes and collaborate with new artists to promote Arabic spoken word, be it through poetry or rap. 

Morocco will be their first destination. They will be organizing poetry events and workshops in different cities including Casablanca, Fez, and Rabat, and collaborating with different artists including Mohammed Hamza Hachlaf.

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Listening to Popcorn

@ VOL 4 ON FEB 22, 2014

Is popcorn just a delicious snack to enjoy or is there some deeper meaning to be discovered? Rami Salame, an enthusiast for investigation and popcorn, cracks down on the mystery shrouded around popcorn and seeks to uncover the truth of its existence. Listen as he explains his comical deduction of popcorn's unlikely relationship to typewriters and accordions. 

"Presentation of the Day" on March 17, 2014.

Rami Salamé
Advertising Account Planner, Living Room Communication in Dubai
Salem Al-Qassimi
Graphic Designer and Entrepreneur, Fikra design studio in Sharjah
Moza Almatrooshi
Interior Design Student
Ghadir ElGhafri
Speaker, Trainer & Business Consultant, Freelance in Sharjah
Farah and Yazen MC
Students in Abu Dhabi
Yorgos Kleivokiotis
Founder, UP Greek Tourism in Dubai