Past Bangor, ME Event: VOL 11

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Mystery Skype

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 21, 2014

Jenny Jones lives in Bangor and teaches 4th grade at the Glenburn Elementary School. Outside of the classroom, she loves reading, geocaching, and playing board games. Jenny describes how she combines her love of social media and passion for teaching and takes her classroom around the world.

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From Concept to Completion

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 21, 2014

Josh Alves is a children's book illustrator and cartoonist from Glenburn, Maine. He's illustrated chapter books, picture books, and has created graphics and animations for interactive books and mobile games. He shares his experience of self-producing his first children's book, "Lilly Bristol, Dinosaur Wrangler".

"Presentation of the Day" on April 3, 2014.

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A Day in the Life of a Firefighter

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 21, 2014

Andrew Emery, a Bangor firefighter and paramedic for the past 13 years, has been in the fire service for a long time. Andy currently drives Ladder 1 on A-Crew and takes us on a walk through the job he has committed countless hours to in the name of saving lives.

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Mystery Weekend 2014

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 21, 2014

Brad Peniston, an editor in Washington, D.C, and his brother James, a sculptor in West Philly, take a trip every winter to try something new and exciting. This year, they decided to go to Bangor and uncovered the history there and show case some cool people in the area by organizing a PechKucha Night there.  

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Myst Opportunities

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 21, 2014

Chuck Carter talks about the game, Myst, that started his career and that he continues to look back on for inspiration. He talks in detail about his 2 year work with Cyan in creating Myst and how the game is a model of the games he wishes to create in the future. 

"Presentation of the Day" on March 20, 2014. 


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Phenomenological Experimentation

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 21, 2014

Mark Kelly is a multi-media artist, art educator, and co-founder/co-owner of Aarhus (pronounced "Ar-hoose") Gallery in Belfast. Here, he explains that what he does can only be defined as "phenomenological experiementation" or using avant-garde methods to discover the beauty in seemingly insignificant objects. 

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The Kindness Project

@ VOL 11 ON FEB 21, 2014

Steve Gray is a local photographer, videographer, and graphic artist. He currently works for Darling's in their marketing department and is also one half of Linear. He is presenting on a guerrilla kindness movement he started with Andrea Beaulieu in Bangor called The Kindness Project.

Brad Peniston
Journalist, Defense One, Atlantic Media in Washington
Steve Gray
Photographer / Videographer / Graphic Artist, Darling's in Bangor, Maine
Chuck Carter
Artist - Game Designer, Self in Bangor, Maine
Josh Alves
illustrator in Bangor, Maine
Jenny Jones
4th Grade Teacher, Glenburn Elementary School in Bangor, Maine
Mark Kelly
in Lincolnville, Maine
Andrew Emery
Firefighter/Paramedic, City of Bangor in Hampden, Maine