Past Chicago Event: VOL 30

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The Poor Brewers

@ VOL 30 ON JUN 03, 2014

Marilee & Karl Rutherford like beer.  Following a couple of years experimentation with home brewing, it becomes clear that they are quite good at it.  Here, mid story, they tell the tale of making the transition from beer as hobby to beer as livelihood.  It has a happy ending.

"Presentation of the Day" on September 9, 2014.

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Designing for FLOTUS

@ VOL 30 ON JUN 03, 2014

Maria Pinto talks about crowd funding to invogorate her business model (which includes designing for the First Lady, Michelle Obama).

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Making His Parents Proud

@ VOL 30 ON JUN 03, 2014

Sam Mechling's parents had such high hopes for him on his second birthday. Here's how it turns out for them.  The rest of us might want to figure out how to get on Sam's Christmas card list.

"Presentation of the Day" on December 24, 2014.

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Providing Safe Water

@ VOL 30 ON JUN 03, 2014

1 in 9 of us do not have access to safe water. 9,800 of us die each day as a result of water-borne diseases; most of these victims are children less than 5 years old. Shilpa Alva talks about educational and awareness programs that reach thousands of people in our community their global impact.

 "Presentation of the Day" on October 22, 2014.

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Gadget Obsessions

@ VOL 30 ON JUN 03, 2014

Sanjib Sahoo tells the story of how a self proclaimed "guy from a small town in India" gets to do something pretty amazing and changes the way Wall Street does business.

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Primitive Hut

@ VOL 30 ON JUN 03, 2014

John Jung has discovered a primitive hut on Chicago's Northerly Island.  Where did it come from, who lives there and what do they do there? John answers these questions.  Kind of.  Sort of.

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Brown M&Ms

@ VOL 30 ON JUN 03, 2014

Executive Director of the Chicago Writers Conference Mare Swallow does a lot of hiring. She tells us of the sophisticated techniques she utilises to weed out “f**k-ups” prior to the interview process, and how you too ought to be wary of the brown m&ms.

"Presentation of the Day" on November 5, 2014.

Van Halen photo courtesy of Music Enthusiast Magazine

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Field Notes

@ VOL 30 ON JUN 03, 2014

Nora Ames talks about connectivity, left and right brains and how a conversation on this led to a pioneering program for young architects and students called FieldNotes.

John Jung
Web Project Manager, The University of Chicago in Chicago
Michael Genge
Architectural Designer, Architecture Is Fun in Chicago
Mare Swallow
in Chicago
Paul Heltne
in Chicago
Shilpa Alva
Co-Founder & Executive Director, Surge in Chicago
Maria Pinto
Fashion Designer, Maria Pinto in Chicago
Nora Ames
in Chicago
Sanjib Sahoo
CTO, tradeMONSTER in Chicago
Sam Mechling
in Chicago
Karl Rutherford
Rude Hippo in Chicago
Marilee Rutherford
Rude Hippo in Chicago
Alex Vasileski
Certified nutritionist and psychologist, A Mind and Body Total Fitness in Chicago