Past Tokyo Event: VOL 111

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Running the Tokyo Marathon for Home for All

@ VOL 111 ON FEB 20, 2014

PechaKucha and Klein Dytham architecture co-founder Mark Dytham has been training for over 8 months to run the 2014 Tokyo Marathon, but he's not running it just for his health. He's running an Indiegogo campaign to benefit the Home for All: an organization started by Pritzker Prize winning architect Toyo Ito set on building community centers in the disaster-ridden areas of Tohoku and Fukushima. All proceeds will go to the creation of a new community center, and the upkeep of the Home for All organization. 

"Presentation of the Day" on February 22, 2014.

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An Ode to Tokyo

@ VOL 111 ON FEB 20, 2014

Since coming to Japan 13 years ago, Julian Worrall has had a true passion and love for the country. He decided to participate in an art project to showcase this passion, and here he gives a brief overview of a project that presents a different view of the city and what makes it fascinating and interesting. 

"Presentation of the Day" on March 14, 2014.

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Painting Young Minds

@ VOL 111 ON FEB 20, 2014

Painter Kensuke Miyazaki has been creating "peaceful, colorful" large and small scale work for nearly a decade now. He speaks of his live-painting, installations, and exhibits in Singapore and London, but focuses on his most recent travels to Kenya. Hear how he is working to inspire the youth of Nairobi through the power of art and imagination. 

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What Does Tokyo Mean to You?

@ VOL 111 ON FEB 20, 2014

Maykol Medina and Hiroaki Iwaki, creators of the Tokyo BitoBito Project, ask the question "What does Tokyo mean to you?" to 100 people in Tokyo over 5 months. With varied reponses such as "organized", "fun", "boring", or "a disaster", they attempt to recollect how people view Tokyo. 

"Presentation of the Day" on April 25, 2014.

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Sochi Olympics Remix!

@ VOL 111 ON FEB 20, 2014

As a traditional part of PechaKucha Nights in Tokyo, a presentation is created to be presented by members of the audience - usually ending in hilarity or complete embarrassment. Mike Straffa, a member of ....improv group, gives a comical presentation about the Sochi Olympics using crowdsourced images. 


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Moments, Not Photos

@ VOL 111 ON FEB 20, 2014

"What if you could remember everything you see?" is the question that Robert Laing asked himself. He has found the answer using a narrative clip that has successfully allowed him to recall every moment of his life. Listen as he talks about his newly acquired superpower and how it can potentially change they way you look at life.

"Presentation of the Day" on March 7, 2014.

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@ VOL 111 ON FEB 20, 2014

Ryotaro Chikushi talks about his startup company, MORETRAX, in Berlin and its relation to Tokyo. He believes in a human specialist approach to music searching, unlike the popular computerized systems like Pandora and Spotify. This human element also reinforces the importance of cultural exchange and camaraderie between Berlin and Tokyo. 

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While the Machine Dreams

@ VOL 111 ON FEB 20, 2014

Samson Sylvain speaks on the Institut Français' 3rd annual "Digital Choc" event, which focuses on the intersection of French and Japanese contemporary art. The event features work in interactive media, projection mapping, laser and light, film, and video art and is open from February 21 to March 23, 2014. (in Japanese)

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Peko-chan In Vogue

@ VOL 111 ON FEB 20, 2014

Collector extraordinaire Shinobu Machida speaks on one of Japan's most recognizable characters: Fujiya Co.'s mascot, Peko-chan. Here he shows off 20 of the nearly 300 different variations of Peko-chan he has photographed. You'll see Peko-chan in her overalls, a kimono, even mermaid Peko-chan! 

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Wining, Dining, Restaurateuring in Tokyo

@ VOL 111 ON FEB 20, 2014

Ayano Ikai promotes her restaurants -- Les Rendes-vous de Tokyo and Plate Tokyo -- and explains the work that went into creating it's casual yet tasteful atmosphere. She mentions the challenges and delights that came with forming her own business, and the joy that comes from following her passions. 

Mark Dytham
Architect & PechaKucha Night Founder, Klein Dytham architecture in Tokyo
Samson Sylvain
Program director, Institut français du Japon in Tokyo
Astrid Klein
Architect & PechaKucha Night Founder, Klein Dytham architecture in Tokyo
Shinobu Machida
Collector 庶民文化探求家 in Tokyo
Jan Chipchase
Founder, Studio D Radiodurans in San Francisco
Maykol Medina
Graphic Designer, Tokyo Bitobito Team in Tokyo
Robert Laing
Startup Founder, Gengo in Tokyo
Hiroaki Iwaki
Graphic Designer, Tokyo Bitobito Team in Tokyo
Julian Worrall
Ayano Ikai
Sommeliere / Writer / Photographer / Smile-maker, Les Rendez-vous de Tokyo / Plate Tokyo in Tokyo
Mike Staffa
Comedian, Pirates of Tokyo Bay in Tokyo
Ryotaro Chikushi
CEO & Founder, Moretrax in Berlin