Past Prince George Event: VOL 1

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February 18, 2014
@ The Copper Pig BBQ House

We are pleased to present the inaugural Pecha Kucha Night in Prince George. Our first event will explore creative and personal stories of play, sport, and movement and the power they have to change and motivate us.

Join us for the rapid-fire presentation night that will showcase a dozen speakers, each presenting in under seven minutes, leaving us plenty of time to eat, drink and socialize, and to get to know the presenters.

The event is free and no tickets are issued - first come, first served.

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How Pole Dancing Changed My Life

@ VOL 1 ON FEB 18, 2014

Pole Dancing is a highly misunderstood sport that requires extreme flexibility and muslce control. Angel Stewart, a pole dancing instructor, goes beyond the stigma to show how it has changed her life both physically and emotionally. 

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Keep it Light Enough to Travel

@ VOL 1 ON FEB 18, 2014

Prince George is an industry town, filled with long, cold winters and really big trucks. So what would it be like to live car-free in Prince George? Dropping all her baggage, Jillian Merrick shares her experience with car-free living in the city and surprising discoveries that make being a pedestrian a bold and beautiful step. 

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How Riding A Bike Taught Me About Prejudice

@ VOL 1 ON FEB 18, 2014

How does a straight, white male living in North America experience prejudice? He gets on a bike. Andrew Kurjata, a bicyclist by convenience means and not by enthusiast means, just wants to ride his bicycle. However, he quickly learns that riding your bike, in a highly car dominated culture, is an inherently political act. 

"Presentation of the Day" on October 16, 2014.

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Endurance Through the Ages

@ VOL 1 ON FEB 18, 2014

Garth Frizzel reflects on the philosophy of endurance in his 20's, 30's and 40's. From tackling anarchist mountain all alone, to running a half-marathon on his honeymoon, to scaling the Prince George cutbanks with a group of boot-campers, he shares how he defines endurance throughout his life. 

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Disc Sports: A Personal Movement in Body and Brain

@ VOL 1 ON FEB 18, 2014

Greg Jonuk shares his experience in discovering and building the sport of ultimate in Prince George; combining the athletic endurance of soccer, with the aerial passing of football and the non-stop breakout action of basketball. Join him as he ditches the machismo-laden and testosterone-soaked football field for the co-ed, non-contact nature of the sport of ultimate.

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Alpine Climbing: Quiet Pursuit of the Ridiculous

@ VOL 1 ON FEB 18, 2014

It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun. It can be the difficulty that defines the experience and the challenges overcome which makes the moments of quiet in the mountain so sublime. Will Cadell explores the Jekyll and Hyde personas of alpine climbers to show that for every Jekyll that complains and wants to quit, there is a Hyde that says, "don't think, keep going." 

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Overcoming Fear Through the Power of Friendship

@ VOL 1 ON FEB 18, 2014

Zelda Craig’s fitness journey begins with cupcakes and love. How does a larger person get active? When faced with a pre-diabetic diagnosis, Zelda had a choice, and she chose dancing, skiing, hiking, tennis, and the inspiration of old age. However, through her journey she was not alone. Her and her training partner and close friend Coral support each other to overcome their fears and take challeneges face on. 

Jillian Merrick
City Councillor and Business Coach in Prince George
Andrew Kurjata
collector of stories, told through sound, CBC Radio in Prince George
Angel Stewart
in Prince George
Garth Frizzel
in Prince George
Greg Jonuk
in Prince George
Scott McWalter
in Prince George
Sarah Holland
in Prince George
Will Cadell
in Prince George
Zelda Craig
in Prince George