Past Midcoast Event: VOL 20

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You Have Elephants Where?!

@ VOL 20 ON JAN 31, 2014

Andrew Stewart studied zoology at the University of St. Andrews and worked in the safari industry in Botswana before moving to Maine. He is now the director of Hope Elephants which is a rehabilitation center for two retired elephants focusing on their joint issues. Hope Elephants is also developing education programs using elephant biology and conservation outreach and collaborations to help wild and captive elephant populations.

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Documenting Language Loss & Reacquisition

@ VOL 20 ON JAN 31, 2014

Daniel Quintanilla is a documentary filmmaker and editor, who has produced numerous NGO documentaries, with themes ranging from traditional medicine in Uganda to orphanages in Bolivia. After moving to the US from Mexico, Daniel began his career in Boston working with a renowned Brazilian editor on the film Captive Beauty, about a beauty pageant in an all-women’s high security prison in Colombia. He then moved north to work at the Maine Media Workshops and was commissioned to edit the film Language of America, a story about language loss and reacquisition amongst Native American tribes in New England. Most recently, he edited the award winning film Raw Faith.

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The Way of Karate: Managing the Conflict Within

@ VOL 20 ON JAN 31, 2014

David Troup has been practicing Matsubayashi-Ryu Karatedo since 1987, which he currently teaches at the Pen Bay YMCA. He is the Communications Officer at the Farnsworth Art Museum and is on the staff of the Everyman Repertory Theatre. He talks about Karatedo in more deepth, providing its history and the deeper meaning behind the practice. 

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Elegant Adaptations In Oil

@ VOL 20 ON JAN 31, 2014

David Vickery is a resident of Cushing, where he has been working for the past 23 years, finding inspiration in local scenes and creating oil paintings with an eye for the imperfect, quirky, and sometimes elegant adaptations we’ve made in order to live here.  His process is to carry a camera wherever he goes and photograph any scene that moves him, then contemplate and carefully re-compose the photo in the studio and paint it.

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Digital Kaleidoscopic Images

@ VOL 20 ON JAN 31, 2014

Jim Dugan is a commercial photographer based in Rockland who photographs a variety of subjects, from food and real estate to sailing and kayaking. In 1991, he received an artist’s residency on Monhegan Island. He has also worked as a kayak guide and he teaches photography every summer aboard the schooner Mary Day. His latest work is digital kaleidoscopic images of Maine scenes.

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A Lifetime of Experiences; An Artist in the Making

@ VOL 20 ON JAN 31, 2014

Lindsay Pinchbeck is the director and founder of Sweet Tree Arts in Hope and has been teaching in the arts for 15 years. Previously she taught photography at the Riley School and the Maine Media Workshops. She is also a printmaker and photographer, and believes the arts should be accessible to all and is an integral piece of learning and personal growth.

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Village Capitalism

@ VOL 20 ON JAN 31, 2014

Seth Silverton was educated in Brooklyn, where he studied political science and film. A lifelong summer resident of the midcoast, Seth permanently moved his family here in 2002. He is the Director of The Wood Chop School which is an organization centered around his self-coined term, village capitalism, that encourges the purchase of locally grown, organic foods and distributing it to people in need. 

Jim Dugan
Photographer, Jim Dugan Photography in Rockland
Greg Marley
wild mushroom expert / Clinical Social Worker, NAMI Maine in Rockland
Lindsay Pinchbeck
art educator, Sweet Tree Arts in Hope
Daniel Quintanilla
documentary filmaker + editor in Rockland
Seth Silverton
director of The Wood Chop School
Andrew Stewart
director of Hope Elephants
David Troup
karate instructor
David Vickery
artist & architect