Past Atlanta Event: VOL 21

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VOL 21

February 09, 2014
@ Famous Pub

DATE CHANGE!  It seems we may have been a little ambitious to schedule our next PKN so close after the holidays and so, to smooth the transition into 2014 we are bumping back to February! 

Put this on your calendar.  Now.  Today.  Asap.  Pronto.  We're already making plans for our next PKN even though we are going to wait out the holidays.  The venue is TBD but already we have a few stellar presenters lined up!  

We're still looking for the following contributors:

-PRESENTERS! Have a story, idea, dream, or creative endeavor you want to share with the community? Get in touch with us!

-PHOTOGRAPHER! We're looking for a friendly photographer to shoot the next event! Must have gear that can handle very low light conditions. Preferably no flashes!

-Poster design!!  This is a new one but we'd like to extend the invitation for one of you good people to design out next poster, program and such and such!  If you're interested see the below contact email!  

To contribute for any of the above opportunities, e-mail us here:


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Rethinking Waste

@ VOL 21 ON FEB 09, 2014

Shannon Goodman brings the Lifecycle Building Center to PK ATL. Utilizing mainly volunteers, the LBC reclaims materials from buildings heading for demolition. Materials that would otherwise end up in landfills are stored and then resold at steep discounts to be reused in new buildings and remodel projects.  

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Living Walls: The City Speaks

@ VOL 21 ON FEB 09, 2014

Executive director of LIVING WALLS, Mónica Campana describes the impetous behind this amazing project that brings art to walls all over Atlanta.  

David Laufer
Graphic Designer, BrandBook LLC in Atlanta
Ted Freeman
in Atlanta
Jonathan Zufi
Author and creator of ICONIC in Atlanta
Shannon Goodman
Non-profit Director, Lifecycle Building Center in Atlanta
Mónica Campana
co-founder & Executive Director, Living Walls, The City Speaks Inc. in Atlanta
Calvin Jones
Artist, Self in Atlanta
Troy Stains
Fine Art & Editorial Photographer in Atlanta
Eric Deren
in Atlanta
Pastiche Lumumba
Culture Creator/Curator, The Low Museum in Atlanta