Past Midcoast Event: VOL 19

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VOL 19

November 15, 2013
@ Rockland Rec Center

What: PechaKucha Night
When: Friday, Nov. 15 @ 7pm
Where: Rockland Rec Center (61 Limerock, Rockland)

The event will offer engaging, fast-paced presentations from a diverse array of creative talents from our region, including the following eight individuals:


Dozier Bell, artist

Brian Vanden Brink, architectural photographer

Kathleen P. Brown, costume designer

Kathleen Florance, artist

Robert Richardson, artist

Edward W. Seidel, designer and builder of aquatic systems and exhibits

Claire and Carly Weinberg, creators of handcrafted luxury bath products

Amy Wilton

This Volume is proudly sponsored by the Picker Family Resource Center:

Doors open at 6:30 pm, program begins at 7 pm
Tickets are $5 at the door

These events celebrate the creativity of our community through visual storytelling in a unique presentation style where eight individuals share their work, their ideas, and their creative process with a 20-second-per-image, 20-image slideshow.

Attendees are invited to “chit-chat” after the close of the program.

To find out more about presenting or volunteering at one of the upcoming events, email PechaKucha Night Midcoast Maine also offers very affordable sponsorships for local organizations and businesses; contact Maggi Blue ( for more information.

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The Light Within

@ VOL 19 ON NOV 15, 2013

Amy Wilton wants to give everyone a mask, so they can be their true and honest selves. Then she wants them to take the mask off and fearlessly continue to let their true selves shine. This is the light within each person that Amy tries to capture with her camera.

"Presentation of the Day" on February 5, 2014.

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Systemic Painting

@ VOL 19 ON NOV 15, 2013

Bob Richardson shares his unique mode of painting using a grid-system, and explains how his art style has changed over the years. He uses a variety of mediums, including canvas, silk screen, and watercolor paper. After retirement, Bob revisited his systemic painting method and experimented with new compositions and brush widths to create effective pieces of art. 

"Presentation of the Day" on May 8, 2014.

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@ VOL 19 ON NOV 15, 2013

Brian Vanden Brink works as a professional architectural photographer in Rockand, but spends his free time photographing abandoned homes. He enjoys departing from his usual work environment and photographing hauntingly beautiful relics which serve as a metaphor for transience in life and our inability to stop the passing of time. 

"Presentation of the Day" on March 19, 2014.

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Living in Sublimity

@ VOL 19 ON NOV 15, 2013

Dozier Bell, an artist in Rockland, Maine, elaborates on her drawings that encompass natural and conscious elements of the world. Her artwork, in its simplicity, lessens our human understanding of these natural forces and gives us a greater sense of sublimity to our surroundings. 

"Presentation of the Day" on August 7, 2014. 



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An Island of Beauty and Opportunity

@ VOL 19 ON NOV 15, 2013

Claire and Carly Weinberg, sisters and founders of Dulse & Rugosa, share their story of how they transformed the island they grew up on into a natural skin care business based on the botanicals grown on the island. Like most businesses, theirs was hard to start and they faced particular challenges with living on a remote island. The risk was worth taking since it meant they could recreate the unique island community.  

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A Stage for Creativity

@ VOL 19 ON NOV 15, 2013

Kathleen P. Brown, a costume designer in Rockland, Maine, talks about her 30-year passion for costume design. She explains what she has learned through the projects she worked on, and the challenges of creating over-the-top or authentic-looking costumes.


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Art and Science Behind Great Aquatic Design

@ VOL 19 ON NOV 15, 2013

Edward Seidel, designer and builder of aquatic systems and exhibits for Tenji, Inc., describes the innovative possibilities of aquarium design. He discusses his past projects, like aquariums built over bars, to show how a fusion of science and art can create new possibilities for presenting aquatic life. 

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Protecting Nature Through Art

@ VOL 19 ON NOV 15, 2013

Kathleen Florance reminisces over her past art projects which meld creativity and nature preservation. She rediscovers her passion for nature and the environment by exploring elements of symbolism, form, and color. 


Dozier Bell
Artist, Self in Rockland
Brian Vanden Brink
architectural photographer in Rockland
Kathleen P. Brown
costume designer in Rockland
Kathleen Florance
Artist in Rockland
Edward Seidel
designer and builder of aquatic systems and exhibits, Tenji, Inc. in Damariscotta
Claire & Carly Weinberg
creators of handcrafted luxury bath products in Rockland
Amy Wilton
Photographer, Amy Wilton Photography in Camden