Past Tokyo Event: VOL 109

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Yuletide Shrubbery

@ VOL 109 ON DEC 04, 2013

PechaKucha co-founder Mark Dytham offers some insight into one of the most recognizable holiday season traditions: the Christmas tree. He speaks on the history of this perennial tradition, and shows off some of the world's most unique Christmas tree creations.

"Presentation of the Day" on December 24, 2013.

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The Shadow Within the Shadow

@ VOL 109 ON DEC 04, 2013

Kana Okabe speaks on the history and art of shadowplay. She goes into depth on the Japanese colored shadow technique, and we see the process by which these shadow forms are illustrated, cut out, and displayed on stage. 


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Attack of the 50 ft. Woman

@ VOL 109 ON DEC 04, 2013

One way to see it: Lana Bergmann is 50 ft. tall, and terrorizes the citizens of Japan on a daily basis. Another way to look at it is that she's just misunderstood. Japan's infrastructure, architecture, and culture occassionally clashes with her height. Here Lana discusses the difficulties of being a tall woman in country statistically on the shorter side.

"Presentation of the Day" on December 13, 2013.

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Making Space

@ VOL 109 ON DEC 04, 2013

Architect Kazuhiro Yajima discusses the relationship between three key constructive elements: roofs, walls, and the floor. Here he focuses on the roof element, specifically the temporary roof we often call the umbrella. Kazuhiro tells a story of a young couple in Europe he saw kissing under an umbrella and how it inspired him to build a tool that allows its user to bring private activity to public spaces. (in Japanese with English subtitles)

"Presentation of the Day" on December 18, 2013.

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On Latvia, Graphic Design, and Tokyo

@ VOL 109 ON DEC 04, 2013

Natalie Cernecka, from Latvia, was trying to find a graphic designer in Tokyo. While searching, she found a small Latvian shop in Nakameguro and went to talk to the owner. She was so enthralled by the story she heard that she wanted to share it with the world via PechaKucha. While at a PechaKucha event, she met another Latvian. Through her new Latvian friend, she found a graphic designer from Ecuador who was able to help her.

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Creating Enduring Art

@ VOL 109 ON DEC 04, 2013

Ryan Roth, an artist representative, talks about how undervalued art is in many of today's cities. Buildings are often built in standard ways with art as only an afterthought. They are torn down again within a few years whereas buildings that are built in artistic ways are left standing for hundreds of years.

"Presentation of the Day" on December 20, 2013.

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How to Improve Your PechaKucha Presentation

@ VOL 109 ON DEC 04, 2013

Michael Holmes has been doing photography for PechaKucha for over 2 years. Over this time he has seen over 300 presentations. What kinds of observations has he made? What can presenters do to make their presentations stand out? Watch to find out.

"Presentation of the Day" on December 27, 2013.

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Radio Eva

@ VOL 109 ON DEC 04, 2013

Yoshio Muto presents products from his company, Radio Eva. These products are all based on a TV show called Evangelion. They have recently started a new line called Evangelion Red in which they selected red things from the show and used them as a theme to design new products.

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Upcoming Events at SuperDeluxe

@ VOL 109 ON DEC 04, 2013

Ryu Konno from SuperDeluxe talks about events and shows that will be taking place in the near future at Super Deluxe. Super Deluxe is an event space and bar in the Roppongi Hills area of Tokyo, Japan. (In Japanese)

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Let Me Rest My Phone on Ya Collarbone

@ VOL 109 ON DEC 04, 2013

Photographer, musician, and poetic lyricist Samm Bennett blends elements from all his specialties to form an amazing and hilarious performance pairing Samm's humorous photographic juxtapositions and cunning linguistic chops.

This presentation was recorded at PechaKucha Night Vol. 109, and then performed again at Tokyo Designers Week 2014's PechaKucha Night Vol. 118. It was selected as "Presentation of the Day" on December 31, 2013.

Mark Dytham
Architect & PechaKucha Night Founder, Klein Dytham architecture in Tokyo
Michael Holmes
Photo in Tokyo
Ryu Konno
SuperDeluxe in Tokyo
Astrid Klein
Architect & PechaKucha Night Founder, Klein Dytham architecture in Tokyo
Kazuhiro Yajima
Architect, Kazuhiro Yajima Architect
Natalie Cernecka
Connector & Communicator in Tokyo
Ryan Roth
CEO - Artist representative, curator, entrepreneur, film festival board member, Roth Management in London/HK/Tokyo
Samm Bennett
Musician in Tokyo
Lana Bergmann
Student, Tama Art University in Tokyo
Kana Okabe
Kashinoki Shadow Play Theater in Tokyo
Yoshio Muto
in Tokyo