Past Midcoast Event: VOL 18

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VOL 18

September 13, 2013
@ Bayview Cinema

What: PechaKucha Night
When: Friday, Sept 13 @ 7pm
Where: Camden’s Bayview Cinema on Bayview Street

The event will offer engaging, fast-paced presentations from a diverse array of creative talents from our region, including the following eight individuals:

Judi Bonzi, artist/furniture maker

Ralph Hassenpflug

Kat Buchanan, printmaker

E. Kendra Denny, encaustic painter

Robert V. Keteyian, Interpersonal Communication Consulting

John Silverio, artist & architect

Anneli Skaar, graphic designer

Elisa Wike Hurley, photographer, writer & intuitive painting teacher;

Doors open at 6:30 pm, program begins at 7 pm
Tickets are $5 at the door
Booze and Bites beforehand

These events celebrate the creativity of our community through visual storytelling in a unique presentation style where eight individuals share their work, their ideas, and their creative process with a 20-second-per-image, 20-image slideshow.

Attendees are invited to “chit-chat” after the close of the program.

To find out more about presenting or volunteering at one of the upcoming events, email PechaKucha Night Midcoast Maine also offers very affordable sponsorships for local organizations and businesses; contact Maggi Blue ( for more information.

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Talk Talk Talk

@ VOL 18 ON SEP 13, 2013

Robert Keteyian explores thought proccesses, and the we think and communicate. Everyone has different levels of auditory, kinesthetic, linguistic, and visual-spatial reasoning, which may account for difficulties in communication. By understanding these innate differences, we can become less judgemental and more accepting of one another. 

"Presentation of the Day" on January 27, 2014.

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Technicality Informing Creativity

@ VOL 18 ON SEP 13, 2013

Though she originally studied field biology, Kat Buchanan now enjoys exploring her creative side through print-making at Grey Seal Press. Kat enjoys the junction of creative and technical thinking that print-making provides, and uses her passion for wildlife and nature to inform her artwork. 

Thumb judy 20bonzi.001

Storytelling through Sculpture

@ VOL 18 ON SEP 13, 2013

Judy Bonzi shares her artistic process of creating sculptures around themes of the human condition, nature, and relationships. She uses diverse techniques like bronze-working and stone-carving to create memorable pieces, with an emphasis on shadows, movement, and naturalism. 

"Presentation of the Day" on February 14, 2014.

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A Beautiful Reality

@ VOL 18 ON SEP 13, 2013

Originally a travel photographer, Ralph Hassenpflug has changed his approach and now enjoys photographing people and the aspects of them that are disconnected from their "public selves." Ralph describes the primitivistic approach to his art: he does not think his pictures - he feels them. 

"Presentation of the Day" on March 3, 2014.

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Painting with Wax

@ VOL 18 ON SEP 13, 2013

Kendra Denny reflects on her experiences with encaustic painting, an ancient painting technique done with wax. Originally used as a method to seal ships, encaustic painting now serves as a fusion of contemporary fine art and traditional craft. 

Judy Bonzi
artist/furniture maker
Ralph Hassenpflug
Kat Buchanan
printmaker, Grey Seal Press
Kendra Denny
Encaustic painter in Rockland
Robert Keteyian
Interpersonal Communication Consulting, Interpersonal Communication Consulting
John Silverio
artist & architect
Anneli Skaar
graphic designer, Skaar Inc in Camden
Elisa Wike Hurley
photographer, writer & intuitive painting teacher, Writing a book in Bar Harbor, Maine